Posted by: bringitup | March 31, 2011

Metropolitan Police Service’s ABC on how NOT to uphold a good police force

The Metropolitan Police Service in England is truly proving how much in the wrong direction Western societies are moving.

An add for internship is focusing way too much at the wrong aspects of police officers: Their race and ethnic background.

What if they would just focus on getting good, qualified and enthusiastic young men and women to join the force and not go for some diversity campaign where you “gain extra points” by looking exotic. I wouldn’t even imagine this being a splendid moment for some non-white individual who will end up wondering whether he got the job because of his skills and being genuinely interested in working for them, or if the deciding factor from the very beginning was the way he looked.

If this is some campaign to get the police to get along better with ethnic criminals in the city, then they are turning in the completely wrong direction. If the criminals are such racists that it annoys them that the people locking them up for committing crimes are white then that’s their problem.

Policemen are people who have devoted their lives to working with one of the toughest jobs a society can offer, and the deciding factor of who gets the job shouldn’t ever be about race.

This would be a major failure of any society.


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