I’m a former supporter of multiculturalism who has come to realize that  it works against just about everything I hold dear.

The Western society and culture  are currently the best ones in the world. The benefits that we get through the Western society is, among other things, a higher level of wealth and security as the individual responsibility and the rule of law generates a society where one, as an individual, can realize one’s dreams and where your hard work isn’t sucked up into a corrupt system of chaos.

Some Western politicians claim that their countries have no culture or that their culture is meaningless. That’s a lie: our society is upheld by Western culture. One can see countries where despotic leaders, during just a few years, ruin all that has been built up so far in their countries.

The educated, free and law abing citizens are the cornerstone of our Western society; the citizens who don’t let religion or backwards cultures rule their  lives, or force it upon other people.

That’s why I oppose multiculturalism: That’s a system where you accept any culture, no matter how destructive it is, because of mad concepts of solidarity and twisted humanism. Bringing in those cultures won’t, as has already been proven around Europe, improve our nations.

All the rising chaos in Europe has even led many politicians, who once have embraced multiculturalism, to try to calm other citizens with sentences such as “they will become a part of our society” without really understanding that they with those words denounce multiculturalism.

We have had growing anti-Semitism in Europe because of Muslim immigration and we have also seen acts of violence focused at non-Jewish natives that clearly are of a racist nature.

These are the problems I will highlight here – mainly the ones in Northern Europe – the world certainly is a big place, but there is only one Europe and if we don’t stand up for it we will lose it.




  1. hi, love the pic. (where). I left Europe in the early 70’s about 10 years after the first north African and ME citizens arrived as “guest workers” with the idea they would work a while and then return better off to their homes. Well that worked did it not? The big complication was that many Euro countries had colonies that granted dual citizenship and I think that is where they problem began and now has escalated, thanks

  2. That’s certainly where it began.
    The problem with many other nations who didn’t have colonies is that they started actively accepting certain groups that have grown rapidly, and some nations with colonies like Holland accepted large numbers of immigrants from nations that hadn’t been in their colonial sphere like Morocco.

    The fact is of course that when the immigrant communities have grown it’s become easier for other immigrants to “get inside” and Europe’s political elite didn’t care about this problem until the age of the World Wide Web and the criticism that has grown through these channels into movements in many nations.

  3. the political elite except a few still do not care they have the gravy, are not going to give that up and the resources to hide if something goes wrong. Besides the socialist movement here in NA the level of political correctness is astounding! wWen 30 years ago you could make a joke about some one now you run the chance to end up in jail!
    We are prepared to live for some time with out most of daily needs I suggest people do the same.

  4. Have you ever read Jan Kozak’s 1950 template for a socialistic take over(“and no shot is ever fired”? very revealing and a few answers to what is going on today (it is on the net

  5. No, I haven’t but thanks for the tip. I’ll look into it. 🙂

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