Posted by: bringitup | December 30, 2011

Finland – “Youth gangs do already have handguns”

This is the headline from one of “Helsinki Uutiset’s” articles on Wednesday the 21st of December and shows thrilling new development in another public sector in Finland, which obviously is the one responsible for producing the new generation of intellectuals of said glorious nation.
The problem is that this project is (just as is mentioned in the same article) working out just as fine as it’s working out in Sweden, which really isn’t as great news as it sounds like at first. This means that instead of promised super-intellectual, hard-working, innovative, not-so-boringly-colored new citizens with thrilling new cultures we are getting a bunch of infrastructure wrecking, gun-toting, not-so-boringly-colored rednecks with thrilling new cultures who will make sure that they kick the ass of one of their social-benefit payers, provided they greatly outnumber him.
And no one obviously saw this one coming and we will now have to ask ourselves how this is possible as the conditions for this project to be a major success were absolutely outstanding.

Well, we can thank Youth organisations for actually bringing an answer to this problem, in the same article, which happens to be the same answer that intellectuals (the boringly colored ones) in Sweden have had: The problem is the lack of Youth Centers.
Now I didn’t really see that one coming, and it’s of course very logical that the whole problem with immigrant youth gangs bottoms in the lack of tax-payer-funded places where you can spend all your time on leisure activities instead of, for example, homework. Brilliant.
I hope that the Youth Organisations learn from the boringly-colored swedes’ mistakes and try to make these youth centers fire-proof as these places in Sweden tend to frequently burst into flames for some odd reason.

The answer is of course always money and the more you plow into this project the more you will get out of it, just like it’s not been happening at all yet, but surely will at some point in the near future.
My suggestion is that we give these innovative settlers brand new BMWs and and luxury appartments the second they land on our soil. With such an investment their intellectual superiority is sure to blossom and Finland will be colonizing Mars in no time.







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