Posted by: bringitup | April 2, 2012

The boys who assaulted the 61-year-old man in Sweden: “It was cool”

Carl-Eric Cedvander’s cranium is pushed in after the extremely violent assault which took place at Kortedala marketplace in Gothenburgh. According to his family it’s uncertain whether he’ll survive.

The boys arrested for the crime have shown no remorse, and when talking about the crime with friends they were even bragging about it. “‘It was something cool’, they talked about how they were kicking him”, says a friend of the boys.

The boys were apparently active in MMA which in a normal case certainly should lead to harsher punishment, but we should keep in mind that this is Europe, and Sweden to be more exact. A place where “justice” certainly isn’t part of the equation if you talk about immigrants assaulting native Europeans.



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