Posted by: bringitup | April 6, 2011

Nancy from Libya: Showing what kind of fools the immigration authorities are

Nancy Jella is 20 and claims to have come from Libya from where she fled and travelled through Russia to Helsinki and ended up on the train to Turku where she now seeks asylum.

Her family was murdered during the violence last year she claims… and obviously she doesn’t have any papers to prove who she is…


A Sub-Saharan African woman with the very Arabic sounding name of “Nancy Jella”, who looks extremely well-fed and just happened to end up in Turku?

Have the authorities even bothered to check at what level her Arabic skills are? I highly doubt that they are very impressive.

Probably not as the statement from the authorities was “no one can be sent back to Libya at this point”. Impressively foolish system we have overhere. I wonder if a gypsy family from Romania could knock on the door next week and claim that they are Libyans and seek asylum. Some days ago I’d have thought that would be impossible but after this I know that anything goes.

So what’s perhaps the reality behind this fine immigrant who will try to suck out an easy living from the Finnish system? She has probably immigrated some time ago from West Africa but has been unable to receive citizenship (most likely Sweden) and now as everything goes down well in Libya she simply jumped on the boat and travelled by boat from Stockholm to Turku.

“Long live the open EU borders and no controls whatsoever!” I might add.

It’s going to be a long year.



  1. This is happening here in Canada and has for years, the amount of people hoodwinking the immigration system (now being run by the same people) is staggering, from South Americans to Asians Africans and other areas it is unbelievable and the Governments in Canada and other western nations cannot stop it because they are infested with the same people! They are in parliaments and senates everywhere! The EU is a joke run by socialists that would love to see a global monetary system and a global government I am going to sleep now hoping to wake up that this all is just a dream

  2. That’s an interesting comment as the European politicans and media often tell us that Canadians can’t simply get enough of all immigrants regardless of what kind of immigrants they are, and that Europe should grab a hold of the same attitude.

    The long run problem is of course that one day the system, combined with positive discrimination, will be filled with the same welfare immigrants who will do their everything to get in more people from their old countries.

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