On Friday the 1st of June the Supreme Court decided to sentence Jussi Halla-aho for defaming religion (Islam of course) and for statements about Somali immigrants. The political storm has been what could simply be described as ridiculous and undoubtedly do quite a few Finns agree with the Supreme Court’s decision without actually having the faintest idea of what Halla-aho wrote and what was the background of the writings and how it related to anything.

So what’s all this about?

The whole issue from Halla-aho’s side started rolling in the beginning of 2008 when State Prosecutor Mika Illman (who many view as being an individual who’s waging his own private war on people expressing ideas and views he finds offensive on behalf of some minority groups, dressed with the power of the State Prosecutor) managed to get Seppo Lehto sentenced for defamation and what could be translated to “ethnic agitation”. Seppo Lehto was sentenced to 2 years and 4 months in prison and was also sentenced to pay tens of thousands of euros in compensation.
I’m not personally very familiar with Seppo Lehto as I necessarily don’t agree with his way of expressing his thoughts, however sentencing him for expressing inconvenient ideas and thought is something I hardly agree with, unless he’s been outright calling for someone’s death, and as far as I have understood that was definitely not the case.

During the night of the 18.5.2008 a man, a soldier who had recently come back from Kosovo, shot and killed 2 people outside a club in Rovaniemi, Finland. On the 20.5.2008 in the editorial of the newspaper Kaleva the writer asked if shooting people while drunk was some sort of Finnish genetic feature. This was reacted upon, most likely because of the debate about free speech and Seppo Lehto’s sentencing, and a complaint was made but led to no charges against the paper and was immediately dismissed.

Halla-aho reacted upon this on his blog 3.6.2008 and decided to throw a few baits to State Prosecutor Mika Illman.
The text on the blog did in fact have the topic “A few baits for Mika Illman”.
Based on the dismissal of the complaint against the newspaper Kaleva he threw in a few sentences on his blog which he wrote in the same manner as the text in the editorial of Kaleva but switched a few words. What was drunken Finns and their national and genetic feature of shooting people became Somalis and their national and genetic feature of robbing people and living on welfare. Another was that Muhammed was a pedophile and therefore pedophilia is the will of Allah (not an exact translation by me).
It was formulated by Halla-aho with the question if these were assumptions one was allowed to make.
The text by Halla-aho was pretty much 1:1 to the editorial’s text, and one would have expected this to be just a finger against the possible hypocrites sitting at powerful positions and forcing them to live with their own dismissal.
This was, however, not the case and the circus took off. Mika Illman swallowed the whole bait (and probably a bit more).

In 2010 the Court of Appeal sentenced Halla-aho for religious defamation because of the comments made about Islam and Mohammed, but viewed the writings about Somalis to be expressed in such an equal manner to that of the complaint-dismissed Kaleva article that no action was taken.
This was obviously not enough for State Prosecutor Illman who took the case to the Supreme Court where Halla-aho now was sentenced for the latter part as well which sent the media into quite a storm.

Demands started flying from other political parties demanding that Halla-aho should give up his chair at the Parliament’s Administration committee, which deals with immigration issues, where he sat as chairman.
Halla-aho responded by stating that the sentence was nothing but based on the opinions of a few individuals, that many other politicians with worse criminal history are currently allowed to hold important positions and that the blog had been actively in the media since 2009 and was well known to the voters who voted him into Parliament in 2011.
After a few days of media chaos Halla-aho did resign and suggested that Juho Eerola (True Finns) would take his position at the committee.

My opinion is quite obviously that this sentence is nothing but outright BS, as the exact same formulation made about Finns was not reacted upon by the legal system. The other is that Illman does have a history of spending the taxpayers’ money on, what I already referred to, his own political warfare. I haven’t been able to confirm some details but it seems like Illman is either a member, or former member, of DEMLA which is a strongly left-leaning independent association for lawyers. If this is the case, then I’d outright question Illman’s ability to do his job in an objective manner and do also question how deep this rotten state of the Finnish judicial system goes.
It seems to be quite deep.

Is there something rotten in the State of Finland?


Carl-Eric Cedvander’s cranium is pushed in after the extremely violent assault which took place at Kortedala marketplace in Gothenburgh. According to his family it’s uncertain whether he’ll survive.

The boys arrested for the crime have shown no remorse, and when talking about the crime with friends they were even bragging about it. “‘It was something cool’, they talked about how they were kicking him”, says a friend of the boys.

The boys were apparently active in MMA which in a normal case certainly should lead to harsher punishment, but we should keep in mind that this is Europe, and Sweden to be more exact. A place where “justice” certainly isn’t part of the equation if you talk about immigrants assaulting native Europeans.


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61-year-old swedish man assaulted by a group of immigrants

A 61-year-old man in Gothenburgh, Sweden, was on his way to the store, together with his dog, when a group of immigrants started harrassing his dog. Shortly after the man had reprimanded the group for doing so, he was assaulted and beaten so badly that he ended up in a coma.

One of the first things that strikes everyone upset about this case is how awfully quiet the media has been, once again. Are the journalists completely uncapable of doing their job or are they actually avoiding news like this?

The other very irritating thing is the fact that immigrants in Sweden, probably the most liberal and open country for immigrants, continue to complain about the Swedish society and the people that accepted them into their home, like they were constantly under attack from brutal swedish gangs roaming the cities, while the reality is that swedes are being assaulted, raped and murdered.

Another upsetting case not long ago was the brutal assault of 44-year-old Tommy Lundén which led to 2 small children losing their father right before Christmas. The perpetraitors were African immigrants who got away so lightely that a legal case like that in the US, Britain or France, and with the races switched, would have led to weeks of rioting. Just one was convicted, Erick Mushitu Mwinkeu, to 3 years in jail and deportation. He did already have two convictions for assaulting a police officer, once in 2009 and once in 2011 but he was of course free to live in Sweden until he finally murdered someone.

One could only imagine the media’s reaction, not to talk about the reaction of different minority leaders and anti-racist groups in Sweden, if the races had been switched in any of these cases.

http://avpixlat.info/2012/03/19/en-domd-for-dodsmisshandeln-i-ludvika/ (link contains a picture of the convicted perpertraitor in the 2nd case)

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Finland – “Youth gangs do already have handguns”

This is the headline from one of “Helsinki Uutiset’s” articles on Wednesday the 21st of December and shows thrilling new development in another public sector in Finland, which obviously is the one responsible for producing the new generation of intellectuals of said glorious nation.
The problem is that this project is (just as is mentioned in the same article) working out just as fine as it’s working out in Sweden, which really isn’t as great news as it sounds like at first. This means that instead of promised super-intellectual, hard-working, innovative, not-so-boringly-colored new citizens with thrilling new cultures we are getting a bunch of infrastructure wrecking, gun-toting, not-so-boringly-colored rednecks with thrilling new cultures who will make sure that they kick the ass of one of their social-benefit payers, provided they greatly outnumber him.
And no one obviously saw this one coming and we will now have to ask ourselves how this is possible as the conditions for this project to be a major success were absolutely outstanding.

Well, we can thank Youth organisations for actually bringing an answer to this problem, in the same article, which happens to be the same answer that intellectuals (the boringly colored ones) in Sweden have had: The problem is the lack of Youth Centers.
Now I didn’t really see that one coming, and it’s of course very logical that the whole problem with immigrant youth gangs bottoms in the lack of tax-payer-funded places where you can spend all your time on leisure activities instead of, for example, homework. Brilliant.
I hope that the Youth Organisations learn from the boringly-colored swedes’ mistakes and try to make these youth centers fire-proof as these places in Sweden tend to frequently burst into flames for some odd reason.

The answer is of course always money and the more you plow into this project the more you will get out of it, just like it’s not been happening at all yet, but surely will at some point in the near future.
My suggestion is that we give these innovative settlers brand new BMWs and and luxury appartments the second they land on our soil. With such an investment their intellectual superiority is sure to blossom and Finland will be colonizing Mars in no time.

Source: http://www2.lehtiluukku.fi/esp/espview?p=eyJmaWQiOiIxNDg4MV9kZmMzMDE3M2MyZDgxOWQ4NzA2Z





Theft, in many cases of a violent form comitted by teens, are causing headache for the police in Helsinki

The theft often is of a violent form where a group harasses and hits the victim a few times and then takes the money and other valuable stuff from the victim. The robbers are described as ‘foreign looking’ although it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that these large groups of young immigrants with a loaded attitude who hang around the city are the perpetraitors.

The interesting part of the articles is that these groups even act during schooltrips and as this has been taken to these levels it’s quite clear that the schools are completely helpless which also points to the immigrant gangs where the parents clearly don’t care if their small beasts harass the children of the natives.

Multiculturalism at hand again: Our politicians claim that these people are needed for the future of our nations but the truth is that they even wreck the future of our children.


Helsingin Sanomat: “Nuoria ryöstetään päivänvalossa”


From Herald.ie

A MOB went on a wave of random race violence on Temple Bar, which left five Dubliners with horrific injuries.

One man — a Dublin DJ — was almost killed in the attack as he suffered serious head injuries when he was set upon by the gang.

The level of violence has shocked gardai and the many witnesses to the race hate orgy — believed to be the first of its kind in the city.

One member of the African gang was arrested today in pre-dawn raids by detectives across the capital.

Five Dubliners, all aged in their 20s, were left with horrific injuries in the October 2010 attacks, which have only come to light now.

The arrest was made this morning after a massive investigation by detectives from Pearse Street Garda Station.

Other suspects were being hunted today.

The mother of one of the suspects has a conviction and served jail time for trafficking children into France from Nigeria.

The gang is suspected of being involved in other street assaults and have links to a criminal who was involved in robbing head shops and has been convicted of hijacking a Dublin taxi.
Link to the whole article

Nice bunch of immigrants: The mother of one of them is doing her best to import africans to Europe while her son and his buddies are trying to murder Europeans. Truly a nice place this continent is turning into thanks to weak and unpatriotic politicians who don’t dare to hit the fist in the table.

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Amnesty in Sweden protects rapist and messes up big time!

There are many naive fools who do their everything to get poor immigrants into Europe despite the evident failures to get this new multicultural society to work even one bit, but then there are the even worse ones: Those who do their everything to protect brutal criminals.

This is something that Amnesty in Sweden, plus Sveriges Radio have done.

In December 2007 did an Eritrean man, Henok Weire Fre, rape a Swedish woman – he was caught and sentenced to 3 years in jail and deportation. Now what happened after this is incredibly outragous: Amnesty and Sveriges Radio started a campaign to stop the deportation to Eritrea as the nation is seen as unsafe. These incredibly worthless idiots did of course succeed and the man was allowed to stay in Sweden once he was released from prison.

Okay, is there anyone who might guess how our story continued?

Yes, the man raped another woman and the case was so severe that even in the mentally weakest nation on this planet, a nation where its native people seem to collectively lack any sense of self-preservation, a nation where everything from its media to public institutions to government offices are completely overrun by political correctness, did the police actually release the name and a picture of the disgusting perpetraitor.

And what is Amnesty’s response to all this?

Well Lise Bergh who probably is one of the people who should carry most of the blame responded to criticism from the Sweden Democrat’s Ted Ekeroth in a way that one could only expect to come from one of the worst mental weaklings of the multiculti-embracing political Left: “Even dangerous criminals must be protected from torture and the death penalty”.

Way to go Amnesty!

The whole problem bottoms in the fact that the worst of the naive leaders within a society, who try to do their everything to reshape our nations from within with mass immigration and multiculturalism, aren’t the ones who suffer the worst from the dark sides of this completely failed project that gradually has hurt our nations more and more.

They only suffer when there’s criticism aimed at them and their institutions or outright public outrage, and that is the only thing that they fear at this point, which is why they do their everything to paint their critics as Nazis or Fascists, despite the fact that they are the ones who protect worthless scum in the form of dangerous criminals.

Picture of the rapist is found at Politiskt Inkorrekt, which also is the source today.

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Israeli Leftist Elite gets to “enjoy” multiculturalism

This is a clip from an article I originally saw at the Swedish Politiskt Inkorrekt, a growing website which is heavily critical to multiculturalism and Sweden’s very liberal immigration policies.

Well, ths clip doesn’t focus on Sweden, but on Israel which surprisingly enough has got its own leftist elite which wants to open up the borders to practically all immigrants from poorer nations. The argument has been that Israelis, with their history, shouldn’t deny anyone the right to get a new, safe and wealthier life in Israel. This immigration has apparently not worked out very well so far as the areas increasingly ruled by among others, Sudanese immigrants, are areas where violence and crime are growing (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?).

What one tired Israeli Rightwinger now did was to invite 60 Sudanese immigrants to The Gordon pool which apparently is a well known bath for the wealthy Israeli Leftwing elite, where he bought swimwear to all of them and paid for their entance fees and then it was off to swim for the young immigrants.

I don’t speak any Hebrew but it doesn’t really seem like the leftwingers enjoy this. Enjoy!

The next plan is apparently to rent houses for Sudanese immigrants in a wealthy area mostly inhabited by Israel’s leftwing elite.



Earlier reported:

From YLE.fi:

A bomb scare caused Helsinki police to cordon off an area in Esterinportti in Helsinki’s Pasila district Friday morning.

Shortly before 6.00 am police received a tip-off from a passerby about a suspicious-looking canister in the area.

The device was found in an inner courtyard in Esterinportti, which houses a grocery and the Esteri restaurant.

On duty Lieutenant Heikki Kallio said it soon became apparent that there was no danger of an immediate explosion, so the police cordon was quickly lifted.

Lead investigator Markku Steinberg said the device was clearly a bomb, however he was not able to disclose further details.

Steinberg added that police will look more closely at the trigger mechanism and whether the device would have caused an explosion or a fire.

The case is being investigated as attempted sabotage. Police have not yet detained any suspects.

This message was posted on the internet by a person calling himself Abu Sulaiman Al Nasser:


The Finnish text goes:

Tänään perjantaina aamulla Helsingin Pasilaan, Esterinportin sisäpihalle oli asetettu kotitekoinen pommi. Rakennuksessa sijaitsee ravintola sekä ruokakauppa. Poliisi eristi alueen ennen pommin räjähtämistä. Rukoilemme Allahia, että yritys onnistuu ensi kerralla. ”

Which could roughly be translated to:

“Today, Friday morning in Helsinki in Pasila, at Esterinportin courtyard had a homemade bomb been placed out. A restaurant as well as a supermarket are located in the building. Police isolated the area before the bomb exploded. We pray to Allah that the next attempt will be successful.”

This is a message posted by Evan Kohlmann at his Twitter:

“Within the past 4 hrs, online militant “Abu Sulaiman al-Nasser” has posted yet another message about possible terrorist attacks in Finland.”
According to YLE.fi the police states that the bomb has no connection to terrorism, but we’re awaiting further information as the police has got no information about the motives at this point. Perhaps the perpetraitor is the same kind of worthless fool like Petri Gerdt.
New source:

The police in Helsinki has received 3 million euros less than last year which means that it now has to cut down the policeforce by about 50-60 officers.

This is something that makes me really mad.

Finland is spending hundreds of millions on asylum seekers that are much more likely to get involved in criminal activities than the average normal immigrant and now there’s not enough money to fund the capital’s policeforce?



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