Posted by: bringitup | July 10, 2011

The number of thefts by young teens have risen at an alarming rate in Helsinki, Finland

Theft, in many cases of a violent form comitted by teens, are causing headache for the police in Helsinki

The theft often is of a violent form where a group harasses and hits the victim a few times and then takes the money and other valuable stuff from the victim. The robbers are described as ‘foreign looking’ although it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that these large groups of young immigrants with a loaded attitude who hang around the city are the perpetraitors.

The interesting part of the articles is that these groups even act during schooltrips and as this has been taken to these levels it’s quite clear that the schools are completely helpless which also points to the immigrant gangs where the parents clearly don’t care if their small beasts harass the children of the natives.

Multiculturalism at hand again: Our politicians claim that these people are needed for the future of our nations but the truth is that they even wreck the future of our children.


Helsingin Sanomat: “Nuoria ryöstetään päivänvalossa”


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