There’s much that could be said about Wikileaks but to some extent the combination of the Internet and this organization is something that shoots a hole in shady government business, and I must say that I like it.

Files sent by the US embassy in Finland report that the Finnish government in 2009 had no intention what so ever to restrict growing immigration to Finland. 2009 was the year when immigration, and especially asylum-seeking really took off in Finland and although the debate started to open up the government was slow and showed little interest and now we know why: The ministers didn’t want to restrict immigration and therefore nothing was done.

As many people have stated: You can stop immigration BUT it’s all down to the political intentions of those in power, and right now those in power don’t want to reduce immigration.

Here’s a short diagram over the number of asylum seekers to Finland per year, and 2009 broke all the records in the book and we now know this was a deliberate move by the government at the time

It would be interesting to know which were the main perpetraitors in the government but at least we know the Ministers at that time.

Prime Minister: Matti Vanhanen

Minister of Finance: Jyrki Katainen

Foreign Minister: Alexander Stubb

Minister of Foreign trade and development: Paavo Väyrynen

Minister of Justice: Tuija Brax

Minister of the Interior: Anne Holmlund

Immigration and Europe Minister: Astrid Thors

Minister of Defence: Jyri Häkämies

Minister at the Finance Ministry / Minister of the Municipalities: Mari Kiviniemi

Minister of Education: Henna Virkkunen

Minister of Culture and Sports: Stefan Wallin

Minister of Land and Forest: Sirkka-Liisa Anttila

Minister of Transport and Communication: Suvi Lindén

Minister of Trade and Industry: Mauri Pekkarinen

Minister of Labor: Tarja Cronberg/Anni Sinnemäke

Minister of Health: Liisa Hyssälä

Minister of Basic Services: Paula Risikko

Minister of Environment: Paula Lehtomäki

Minister of Housing: Jan Vapaavuori

(from Wikipedia)



Solidarity, humanism, respect for human lives, collective responsibility, equality etc are all values that the Liberals seem to try to live by, not least when it comes to immigration.

This whole issue frustrated me now more than ever when Europe’s Liberal journalists dive into an old article written by blogger, and now elected parliamentarian, Jussi Halla-aho.

The founding concept of this liberalism is that all people are worth the same and should have the right to the same chances which apparently translates into “all people, no matter who they are or what their background is, should have the right to immigrate to wealthier nations and anyone who opposes this system is clearly a racist who doesn’t respect and value human life”.

In the end this is nothing but extreme political correctness. No matter how you twist and turn that post-WW2 issue are all people going to become worth the same. Perhaps at some philosophical level yes, where just about everything is claimed to be some sort of social construct, but in reality it’s just not that way.

The fact is that some people do work harder than other people, some people won’t ever commit a single crime while some will have made a career out of it, some people will be the nerd in school who is nice and quiet while some people will be the bully.

Normally one wouldn’t really think that it was much of an issue that society percieved everyone as equally worth as that would generally give some comfort of that the world is a place where the sky always is blue. But this is biting harder and harder into the flesh of Western society, gradually making it become a place where exceptionalism isn’t valued at all.

What happens in the end is exactly what has already taken place in much of the Western world and has turned into the philosophy most European nations have followed: All cultures are worth the same and should be accepted in the form of multiculturalism.

A rational human being knows immediately that all cultures aren’t worth the same. A culture that values hard work and law abiding citizens will be more successful than some culture which keeps its citizens stuck in a primitive society which doesn’t achieve much.

Another problem, in a long list of problems, is that politicians are all of a sudden seen as radical racists if they strive to put the citizens of their own nations first. Some time ago it would only have made sense that politicians should only take care of their own citizens.

Today that is somehow seen as racism and borders should be open for anyone. One often wonders why foreign criminals aren’t being sent back to the countries they came from or why the EU isn’t doing more to keep illegals out and deport those who have reached Europe. The fact is that it’s purely political. People can be deported back but that’s something that goes against all the Liberals’ humanist values and therefore is Europe stuck with the illegal immigrants and growing cultural and ethnic problems. All this because of twisted humanist values which state that all people are worth the same.

Once again: No all people aren’t worth the same. Lots of immigrants who come to Europe aren’t going to contribute even a single bit to either uphold the European societies or improve them, quite the opposite.

But we should remember that this is only something that has truly forced itself into the European society and to some extent the North American one. Japan is a proud nation which sure isn’t trashing its own culture and people for some insane idea of equality and multiculturalism and in that nation do people actually get punished for crimes they’ve committed.

Despite the fact that the Japanese are aging faster than the rest of the Western world are they still doing better than most Western nations. No money has to be spent on illegal immigrants and welfare to them all. You don’t see second and third generation immigrants rioting in Japan like you constantly see in Europe. The Japanese don’t have to live with cluster societies where white-flight has turned the liberals’ multicultural dream into a living hell for anyone who got stuck in the way of the complete madness.

The Japanese don’t suffer from any equivalent form of “white guilt” neither are they ashamed of their history or think that they should pay for anything bad their ancestors might have done.

The only ones who suffer from this syndrome are the European societies. Not even Europe’s Muslim neighbours, who spread their religion with force murdering masses of people and invading parts of Europe slaughtering the people, suffer fom any equivalent form of “white guilt”. Neither do those societies believe that all people are equal, but the difference between them and the Japanese is that  the rest of their culture is more or less worthless.

The bottom line of the whole problem is that European liberals are trying to sell a concept which most people in this world don’t believe in, and it has gotten even worse now when liberals seem to think that all cultures are equal and should be protected at any cost, except for if they happen to be Europeans.

I haven’t even bothered to write about a fraction of all these youth gangs going berserk through Swedish cities burning cars, schools and other buildings. And those are the ones that the Swedish media actually reports about, which it necessarily doesn’t do all the time.

And on Monday did it take place again and the news about it were very “compressed” and short. One primary school was set on fire as well as a several cars. The firedepartment struggled to keep up with the berserking youth, especially as they were attacked with stones and had to call in the policeforce to assist them. Two men with their roots in Lebanon and long criminal recods ranging from drug offences to assault were arrested on the scene and the police promised that more arrests were going to take place.

It’s amazing how people in Sweden actually take all this sh*t that ungrateful immigrants throw at them. Imagine the sums spent on these unemployed criminals and for all the damage they cause. How much money couldn’t be spent on other sectors of the economy, on everything from the eldrly to health care.

But Swedes vote with their feet and are afraid to offend anyone so they’ll simply have to continue paying for the circus, and will probably continue telling themselves that immigrants rioting and committing crime in some magical way still is the Swedes’ fault and not the ungrateful immigrants’ fault.

As always I’ll add this graph from the excellent Affe’s blog, in case someone hasn’t seen it.

Number of cars burnt in Sweden per year:


The headline roughly gives the words of Jussi Halla-aho who was elected on Sunday to Finland’s parliament. Halla-aho’s agenda has mainly been about immigration and its costs, crime and Western culture and there were many thousandhs voting for him, making him one of the front runners of Sunday’s election.

It’s of course completely logical that a country shouldn’t pay for some ideal idea that some people have if there isn’t enough money, but of course the liberals think that there always is enough money to send aid to foreign dictators.

I do question, as do many other people, whether aid even works. Corrupt regimes receive millions upon millionswhich the leaders spend on themselves and on weapons to stay in power.

The arrogance of the liberals shine through here as well as they claim that developing countries wouldn’t make it without wealthier nations sending truckloads of money to said dictators. I bet they would be doing better if money didn’t fall out from the sky to the corrupt dictators.

The population of developing nations continue to grow at a rapid pace and the number of poor people grows and for some reason do liberals think that Western nations should continue in the same fashion as during the last decades.

For liberals results certainly don’t matter, just that the West pays, and that liberals gain some sort of feelgood factor from all this.

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True Finns blast through the roof and the liberals panic

Election day on Sunday  in Finland was sure a great day, unless you are a very liberal hypocrite who thinks that everyone can have a say as long as its not about patriotic values that you feel towards the country you live in. And now there certainly are a lot of angry liberals out there as the True Finns gained 19% of the popular vote and 39 seats in the parliament. In 2007 they got 4,1% of the votes and 5 seats in parliament.

It’s long since such anger and despair was evindent everywhere, be it at work, at universities, in the streets or perhaps on Facebook.

Liberals who sure love seeing the country get bad mouthed by ungrateful immigrants or think terrorism hitting Europe or the USA is something  the West deserves.

Well, patriots had enough of it all. From politicians that clearly are currupt and see themselves as individuals deserving eternal power, to badly behaving immigrants who abuse the system and are gradually taking Finland down to the dangerously low level of Sweden.

Multiculturalism has failed, but if liberals necessarily want to “enjoy the fruits” of societies “with more culture” then they can move somewhere else. Ironically many of these liberals now talk about moving to another country where Western culture dominates. Just wait until they start getting tired of multiculturalism there as well.

Surprisingly enough liberals “love” multiculturalism as long as they don’t have to live in the worst hit neighbourhoods.

If someone happens to live and suffer from multiculturalism, then the liberals want those to shut up and don’t vote in the wrong way.

But Sunday was in the end a great day for democracy as we saw that change can take place and many people have just had enough of it all from the undemocratic EU, to corrupt Finnish politicians and multiculturalism and welfare immigration.

One thing that should be mentioned though is that Finland’s politicians are clearly more intelligent and better behaving than their counterparts in Sweden who refused to acknowledge the rise of the democratically elected Sweden Democrats.

Move forward, the fight isn’t over but this was one great victory.

Nancy Jella is 20 and claims to have come from Libya from where she fled and travelled through Russia to Helsinki and ended up on the train to Turku where she now seeks asylum.

Her family was murdered during the violence last year she claims… and obviously she doesn’t have any papers to prove who she is…


A Sub-Saharan African woman with the very Arabic sounding name of “Nancy Jella”, who looks extremely well-fed and just happened to end up in Turku?

Have the authorities even bothered to check at what level her Arabic skills are? I highly doubt that they are very impressive.

Probably not as the statement from the authorities was “no one can be sent back to Libya at this point”. Impressively foolish system we have overhere. I wonder if a gypsy family from Romania could knock on the door next week and claim that they are Libyans and seek asylum. Some days ago I’d have thought that would be impossible but after this I know that anything goes.

So what’s perhaps the reality behind this fine immigrant who will try to suck out an easy living from the Finnish system? She has probably immigrated some time ago from West Africa but has been unable to receive citizenship (most likely Sweden) and now as everything goes down well in Libya she simply jumped on the boat and travelled by boat from Stockholm to Turku.

“Long live the open EU borders and no controls whatsoever!” I might add.

It’s going to be a long year.


The Metropolitan Police Service in England is truly proving how much in the wrong direction Western societies are moving.

An add for internship is focusing way too much at the wrong aspects of police officers: Their race and ethnic background.

What if they would just focus on getting good, qualified and enthusiastic young men and women to join the force and not go for some diversity campaign where you “gain extra points” by looking exotic. I wouldn’t even imagine this being a splendid moment for some non-white individual who will end up wondering whether he got the job because of his skills and being genuinely interested in working for them, or if the deciding factor from the very beginning was the way he looked.

If this is some campaign to get the police to get along better with ethnic criminals in the city, then they are turning in the completely wrong direction. If the criminals are such racists that it annoys them that the people locking them up for committing crimes are white then that’s their problem.

Policemen are people who have devoted their lives to working with one of the toughest jobs a society can offer, and the deciding factor of who gets the job shouldn’t ever be about race.

This would be a major failure of any society.


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Graph over increase in violent crimes in Sweden

The always excellent Affe’s blog is once again putting together the figures mapping the developments in Sweden’s increasingly multicultural society.

As you can see there were 27 140 violent crimes reported to the Swedish police in 1975 and in 2010 that figure was 112 728, which is an increase of 315% while the population only grew 15%.

Violent crimes in Sweden between 1975 and 2010

See also: Immigration and the new more violent society


Short facts:

The victim is a 20-year-old woman and the rape took place at Huopalahti station in Helsink, and the man was stopped by an outsider.

It took place the 5th of March 2011, at about 1:30 AM. (So the night between Friday and Saturday)

The alledged rapist is a black man of normal build, 170-175 cm tall and he spoke a few words in Finnish, but mainly English.

Tips to the police at office hours can be given at the phone number 050-4561124 and outside those times at the e-mail adress

I must say that unfortunately there has been an awful lot of these violent assault rape-cases lately, but the pattern of Oslo, in Norway, apparently repeats itself here. One wonders under what immigration status these individuals actually enter the country and whether it’s so that Finland is pulling in criminals from the Third world who continue their violence against Finnish citizens.

It would actually be even more disturbing if these are first-time offenders.

What I really hope is that the police and media would start working harder on getting these images out earlier! Almost 3 weeks later is way overdue if you actually want to catch predators fast before they go for their next victim!


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Police in Pirkanmaa is investigating 3 rapes

A man born in 1975 in Gambia, who permanently lives in Finland, is under arrest suspected of at least 3 rapes.

The victims were women under the age of 20 and the police suspects that there might be more victims out there.

Two of the rapes took place in 2011 and one in 2010.


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