Posted by: bringitup | June 30, 2011

Amnesty in Sweden protects rapist and messes up big time!

There are many naive fools who do their everything to get poor immigrants into Europe despite the evident failures to get this new multicultural society to work even one bit, but then there are the even worse ones: Those who do their everything to protect brutal criminals.

This is something that Amnesty in Sweden, plus Sveriges Radio have done.

In December 2007 did an Eritrean man, Henok Weire Fre, rape a Swedish woman – he was caught and sentenced to 3 years in jail and deportation. Now what happened after this is incredibly outragous: Amnesty and Sveriges Radio started a campaign to stop the deportation to Eritrea as the nation is seen as unsafe. These incredibly worthless idiots did of course succeed and the man was allowed to stay in Sweden once he was released from prison.

Okay, is there anyone who might guess how our story continued?

Yes, the man raped another woman and the case was so severe that even in the mentally weakest nation on this planet, a nation where its native people seem to collectively lack any sense of self-preservation, a nation where everything from its media to public institutions to government offices are completely overrun by political correctness, did the police actually release the name and a picture of the disgusting perpetraitor.

And what is Amnesty’s response to all this?

Well Lise Bergh who probably is one of the people who should carry most of the blame responded to criticism from the Sweden Democrat’s Ted Ekeroth in a way that one could only expect to come from one of the worst mental weaklings of the multiculti-embracing political Left: “Even dangerous criminals must be protected from torture and the death penalty”.

Way to go Amnesty!

The whole problem bottoms in the fact that the worst of the naive leaders within a society, who try to do their everything to reshape our nations from within with mass immigration and multiculturalism, aren’t the ones who suffer the worst from the dark sides of this completely failed project that gradually has hurt our nations more and more.

They only suffer when there’s criticism aimed at them and their institutions or outright public outrage, and that is the only thing that they fear at this point, which is why they do their everything to paint their critics as Nazis or Fascists, despite the fact that they are the ones who protect worthless scum in the form of dangerous criminals.

Picture of the rapist is found at Politiskt Inkorrekt, which also is the source today.



  1. loved the story about the sudanese swimming lessons but haven not heard much from you lately is there more access available anywhere else?

  2. I have been really busy lately, otherwise I would post a lot more often as there’s tons to post. The news about the swimming lessons came through a large swedish site called Politiskt Inkorrekt ( but I haven’t seen any recent updates, but I will check.

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