Posted by: bringitup | June 19, 2011

Israeli Leftist Elite gets to “enjoy” multiculturalism

This is a clip from an article I originally saw at the Swedish Politiskt Inkorrekt, a growing website which is heavily critical to multiculturalism and Sweden’s very liberal immigration policies.

Well, ths clip doesn’t focus on Sweden, but on Israel which surprisingly enough has got its own leftist elite which wants to open up the borders to practically all immigrants from poorer nations. The argument has been that Israelis, with their history, shouldn’t deny anyone the right to get a new, safe and wealthier life in Israel. This immigration has apparently not worked out very well so far as the areas increasingly ruled by among others, Sudanese immigrants, are areas where violence and crime are growing (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?).

What one tired Israeli Rightwinger now did was to invite 60 Sudanese immigrants to The Gordon pool which apparently is a well known bath for the wealthy Israeli Leftwing elite, where he bought swimwear to all of them and paid for their entance fees and then it was off to swim for the young immigrants.

I don’t speak any Hebrew but it doesn’t really seem like the leftwingers enjoy this. Enjoy!

The next plan is apparently to rent houses for Sudanese immigrants in a wealthy area mostly inhabited by Israel’s leftwing elite.



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