Posted by: bringitup | June 5, 2011

Updated: Police says the bomb in Pasila has no connection with terrorism

Earlier reported:


A bomb scare caused Helsinki police to cordon off an area in Esterinportti in Helsinki’s Pasila district Friday morning.

Shortly before 6.00 am police received a tip-off from a passerby about a suspicious-looking canister in the area.

The device was found in an inner courtyard in Esterinportti, which houses a grocery and the Esteri restaurant.

On duty Lieutenant Heikki Kallio said it soon became apparent that there was no danger of an immediate explosion, so the police cordon was quickly lifted.

Lead investigator Markku Steinberg said the device was clearly a bomb, however he was not able to disclose further details.

Steinberg added that police will look more closely at the trigger mechanism and whether the device would have caused an explosion or a fire.

The case is being investigated as attempted sabotage. Police have not yet detained any suspects.

This message was posted on the internet by a person calling himself Abu Sulaiman Al Nasser:

The Finnish text goes:

Tänään perjantaina aamulla Helsingin Pasilaan, Esterinportin sisäpihalle oli asetettu kotitekoinen pommi. Rakennuksessa sijaitsee ravintola sekä ruokakauppa. Poliisi eristi alueen ennen pommin räjähtämistä. Rukoilemme Allahia, että yritys onnistuu ensi kerralla. ”

Which could roughly be translated to:

“Today, Friday morning in Helsinki in Pasila, at Esterinportin courtyard had a homemade bomb been placed out. A restaurant as well as a supermarket are located in the building. Police isolated the area before the bomb exploded. We pray to Allah that the next attempt will be successful.”

This is a message posted by Evan Kohlmann at his Twitter:

“Within the past 4 hrs, online militant “Abu Sulaiman al-Nasser” has posted yet another message about possible terrorist attacks in Finland.”
According to the police states that the bomb has no connection to terrorism, but we’re awaiting further information as the police has got no information about the motives at this point. Perhaps the perpetraitor is the same kind of worthless fool like Petri Gerdt.
New source:

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