Posted by: bringitup | April 22, 2011

The Liberal’s immigration dilemma: Are all humans worth the same?

Solidarity, humanism, respect for human lives, collective responsibility, equality etc are all values that the Liberals seem to try to live by, not least when it comes to immigration.

This whole issue frustrated me now more than ever when Europe’s Liberal journalists dive into an old article written by blogger, and now elected parliamentarian, Jussi Halla-aho.

The founding concept of this liberalism is that all people are worth the same and should have the right to the same chances which apparently translates into “all people, no matter who they are or what their background is, should have the right to immigrate to wealthier nations and anyone who opposes this system is clearly a racist who doesn’t respect and value human life”.

In the end this is nothing but extreme political correctness. No matter how you twist and turn that post-WW2 issue are all people going to become worth the same. Perhaps at some philosophical level yes, where just about everything is claimed to be some sort of social construct, but in reality it’s just not that way.

The fact is that some people do work harder than other people, some people won’t ever commit a single crime while some will have made a career out of it, some people will be the nerd in school who is nice and quiet while some people will be the bully.

Normally one wouldn’t really think that it was much of an issue that society percieved everyone as equally worth as that would generally give some comfort of that the world is a place where the sky always is blue. But this is biting harder and harder into the flesh of Western society, gradually making it become a place where exceptionalism isn’t valued at all.

What happens in the end is exactly what has already taken place in much of the Western world and has turned into the philosophy most European nations have followed: All cultures are worth the same and should be accepted in the form of multiculturalism.

A rational human being knows immediately that all cultures aren’t worth the same. A culture that values hard work and law abiding citizens will be more successful than some culture which keeps its citizens stuck in a primitive society which doesn’t achieve much.

Another problem, in a long list of problems, is that politicians are all of a sudden seen as radical racists if they strive to put the citizens of their own nations first. Some time ago it would only have made sense that politicians should only take care of their own citizens.

Today that is somehow seen as racism and borders should be open for anyone. One often wonders why foreign criminals aren’t being sent back to the countries they came from or why the EU isn’t doing more to keep illegals out and deport those who have reached Europe. The fact is that it’s purely political. People can be deported back but that’s something that goes against all the Liberals’ humanist values and therefore is Europe stuck with the illegal immigrants and growing cultural and ethnic problems. All this because of twisted humanist values which state that all people are worth the same.

Once again: No all people aren’t worth the same. Lots of immigrants who come to Europe aren’t going to contribute even a single bit to either uphold the European societies or improve them, quite the opposite.

But we should remember that this is only something that has truly forced itself into the European society and to some extent the North American one. Japan is a proud nation which sure isn’t trashing its own culture and people for some insane idea of equality and multiculturalism and in that nation do people actually get punished for crimes they’ve committed.

Despite the fact that the Japanese are aging faster than the rest of the Western world are they still doing better than most Western nations. No money has to be spent on illegal immigrants and welfare to them all. You don’t see second and third generation immigrants rioting in Japan like you constantly see in Europe. The Japanese don’t have to live with cluster societies where white-flight has turned the liberals’ multicultural dream into a living hell for anyone who got stuck in the way of the complete madness.

The Japanese don’t suffer from any equivalent form of “white guilt” neither are they ashamed of their history or think that they should pay for anything bad their ancestors might have done.

The only ones who suffer from this syndrome are the European societies. Not even Europe’s Muslim neighbours, who spread their religion with force murdering masses of people and invading parts of Europe slaughtering the people, suffer fom any equivalent form of “white guilt”. Neither do those societies believe that all people are equal, but the difference between them and the Japanese is that  the rest of their culture is more or less worthless.

The bottom line of the whole problem is that European liberals are trying to sell a concept which most people in this world don’t believe in, and it has gotten even worse now when liberals seem to think that all cultures are equal and should be protected at any cost, except for if they happen to be Europeans.

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