Posted by: bringitup | April 21, 2011

“Youthgangs” went berserk in Frölunda, Sweden on Monday night

I haven’t even bothered to write about a fraction of all these youth gangs going berserk through Swedish cities burning cars, schools and other buildings. And those are the ones that the Swedish media actually reports about, which it necessarily doesn’t do all the time.

And on Monday did it take place again and the news about it were very “compressed” and short. One primary school was set on fire as well as a several cars. The firedepartment struggled to keep up with the berserking youth, especially as they were attacked with stones and had to call in the policeforce to assist them. Two men with their roots in Lebanon and long criminal recods ranging from drug offences to assault were arrested on the scene and the police promised that more arrests were going to take place.

It’s amazing how people in Sweden actually take all this sh*t that ungrateful immigrants throw at them. Imagine the sums spent on these unemployed criminals and for all the damage they cause. How much money couldn’t be spent on other sectors of the economy, on everything from the eldrly to health care.

But Swedes vote with their feet and are afraid to offend anyone so they’ll simply have to continue paying for the circus, and will probably continue telling themselves that immigrants rioting and committing crime in some magical way still is the Swedes’ fault and not the ungrateful immigrants’ fault.

As always I’ll add this graph from the excellent Affe’s blog, in case someone hasn’t seen it.

Number of cars burnt in Sweden per year:


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