Posted by: bringitup | April 19, 2011

True Finns blast through the roof and the liberals panic

Election day on Sunday  in Finland was sure a great day, unless you are a very liberal hypocrite who thinks that everyone can have a say as long as its not about patriotic values that you feel towards the country you live in. And now there certainly are a lot of angry liberals out there as the True Finns gained 19% of the popular vote and 39 seats in the parliament. In 2007 they got 4,1% of the votes and 5 seats in parliament.

It’s long since such anger and despair was evindent everywhere, be it at work, at universities, in the streets or perhaps on Facebook.

Liberals who sure love seeing the country get bad mouthed by ungrateful immigrants or think terrorism hitting Europe or the USA is something  the West deserves.

Well, patriots had enough of it all. From politicians that clearly are currupt and see themselves as individuals deserving eternal power, to badly behaving immigrants who abuse the system and are gradually taking Finland down to the dangerously low level of Sweden.

Multiculturalism has failed, but if liberals necessarily want to “enjoy the fruits” of societies “with more culture” then they can move somewhere else. Ironically many of these liberals now talk about moving to another country where Western culture dominates. Just wait until they start getting tired of multiculturalism there as well.

Surprisingly enough liberals “love” multiculturalism as long as they don’t have to live in the worst hit neighbourhoods.

If someone happens to live and suffer from multiculturalism, then the liberals want those to shut up and don’t vote in the wrong way.

But Sunday was in the end a great day for democracy as we saw that change can take place and many people have just had enough of it all from the undemocratic EU, to corrupt Finnish politicians and multiculturalism and welfare immigration.

One thing that should be mentioned though is that Finland’s politicians are clearly more intelligent and better behaving than their counterparts in Sweden who refused to acknowledge the rise of the democratically elected Sweden Democrats.

Move forward, the fight isn’t over but this was one great victory.


  1. to me it took a lot of guts for Finland to do what they did. Congrats!! I hope your country is just the starting point . As small as a nation you are you have made a world wide decision I just hope the rest of us follow suite. (btw I seem to be to be the only one commenting on your site???)

  2. Thx! People sure are quiet about having voted for the True Finns, but as almost one in five decided that it was the party for them people should just realize that they aren’t alone.
    The rethoric seem to be improving even today when one influential journalist wrote his piece on the matter and sided with those who voted for the TF.

    There are a few others, but normally they throw in just one comment after having passed by. =D
    I’m grateful for your interest though, but it’s of course far from a professional blog and something I use to write off some steam that rise within me after having seen the worst news of the week.
    It actually works for me. I thought about quitting but I realized that my mental health wouldn’t make it without it. 🙂

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