Posted by: bringitup | April 19, 2011

Halla-aho: The aid given to foreign nations should first take into account the financial situation of Finland

The headline roughly gives the words of Jussi Halla-aho who was elected on Sunday to Finland’s parliament. Halla-aho’s agenda has mainly been about immigration and its costs, crime and Western culture and there were many thousandhs voting for him, making him one of the front runners of Sunday’s election.

It’s of course completely logical that a country shouldn’t pay for some ideal idea that some people have if there isn’t enough money, but of course the liberals think that there always is enough money to send aid to foreign dictators.

I do question, as do many other people, whether aid even works. Corrupt regimes receive millions upon millionswhich the leaders spend on themselves and on weapons to stay in power.

The arrogance of the liberals shine through here as well as they claim that developing countries wouldn’t make it without wealthier nations sending truckloads of money to said dictators. I bet they would be doing better if money didn’t fall out from the sky to the corrupt dictators.

The population of developing nations continue to grow at a rapid pace and the number of poor people grows and for some reason do liberals think that Western nations should continue in the same fashion as during the last decades.

For liberals results certainly don’t matter, just that the West pays, and that liberals gain some sort of feelgood factor from all this.

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