Posted by: bringitup | March 7, 2011

Sweden’s next generation of rocket scientists?

“9 out of ten last-year-students at Rosengård’s high school (Malmö) aren’t qualified for Univeristy education” is what we could read in the news today from Sweden regarding the students’ performances during their last year in high school.

Rosengård is of course Malmö’s notoriously multicultural area which of course means that the school is full of potential rocket scientists, doctors, mathematicians and so on. That is if you are a really naive multiculturalist.

Only 13% of the students pass all subjects, which certainly is even more horrifying to those who have ever had a look at how little the Swedes demand from their students.

This certainly isn’t the way to keep a country at first world status, but the main concern of the multiculturalists isn’t perhaps that either. This is something more of a progressing “back to the nature” approach by trashing the very basis a highly advanced society is built up on: Highly skilled individuals.


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