Posted by: bringitup | March 5, 2011

Refugee “children”?

“Ensamkommande flyktingbarn” or “Sotalapset” are terms that are flying around in the immigration debate in Sweden and Finland.

The discussion is growing as more and more of these “children” are pulled into the countries, supported by naive government as well as organisations that either earn large sums making a business out of the refugees or just the most insane multiculturalists and solidarity-fools.

To anyone who hasn’t just sucked up all the lies of most of the media, politicians, NGOs and bureaucrats and has actually tried to find some more information about these “children” would be quite stunned.

This “phenomenom” was investigated bu Danish authoroties in 2009 when they with the help of dental tests checked the ages of the “children” and the results were stunning to say the least:

-Only 7,7 of the “children” were as old as they claimed

-Half of these men who claimed to be children were actually over 20 years old

-The authorities did even find a couple of guys who were over 30!

So, we could share some pictures with the readers of these “children”:

This one is straight from SVT, or Swedens public broadcast TV and doesn’t look very “childlike” to me:

And here are a couple of other ones:

This one was quite big news as he claimed to be just 14:

Perhaps a video (no wonder that they want to come as they seem to live in quite a luxorious appartment):

… and there are many, many more just as fantastic pictures out there.

“Youthful refugee men” would perhaps be closer.

Perhaps these dental test should be compulsory and close the doors for thos who abuse the system? How much money wouldn’t be saved, combining both the cost for taking care of these individuals as well as the crimes many of them commit, to spend on education, infrastructure, health and the elderly if the country didn’t accept masses of these people?


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