Posted by: bringitup | February 24, 2011

Large group of immigrant youth caused chaos in central Helsinki

So Finland is getting it’s first small tastes of true multiculturalism as the number of non-European immigrants is increasing.

On Thursday evening (24.2.2011) a large gang of immigrants caused chaos in central Helsinki around the area of the metro station.

According to police it all started when 15 immigrants broke into a small store, or kiosk, at the Helsinki metro station and stole candy and alcohol.

Then the group went to the nearby video store from there they stole DVD:s. The gang numbered about 30-40 individuals at this point, the youngest seen by witnesses were about 15-year-old.

No one was threattened or hurt but witnesses described the whole situation as disturbing and frightening.

According to police such things like these take place a little now and then, but not often.

The police in Helsinki have been looking for the gang but it seems like they got away with it.

The newspaper nor the police have mentioned the ethnicity of the perpetrators other than that they are of foreign background, but the area is notorious for its somali youth-gangs who hang around that area, and internet discussions that are starting to pop up are underlining this fact.


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