Posted by: bringitup | February 24, 2011

Reality-TV crew had to leave Malmö’s Rosengård due to the area being too dangerous

The idea sounded like any wird reality-TV project in the world today: A wealthy woman, Salka Börjeson Eynon, was supposed to live for a week in Malmö’s most troubled, immigrant ruled area Rosengård.

It went downhill from the first minutes onward, when the crew almost instantly caught the “interest” of immigrant gangs.

The next days were filled with threats from the gangs and the production team finally decided to move Eynon to a hotel.

The nice “welcome” given by the immigrant gangs can be viewed here:

This was certainly not what it was like in Sweden in the beginning of the 90’s, but massimmigration has taken a toll on the society and on the orderly Swedish culture and replaced it with a more chaotic, shauvinistic and violent one.

Hopefully more Swedes would wake up one day and realize that this wasn’t always the way and this isn’t the way it should be, and the ones who should move aren’t the Swedes.

Source: (funny how Aftonbladet put it under “Entertainment” instead of “Domestic News”)

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