Posted by: bringitup | February 23, 2011

Finnish teachers: More immigrants in Finnish schools increases violence and chaos

The Teachers’ Magazine in Finland asked their readers about immigrants in their schools and the results aren’t the least bit surprising: The more pupils there are in the shcool of immigrant background, the more the violence and chaos increases and that this clearly worsens the quality of the education.

About half of the teachers would like to see a 20-30% limit on the percentage of pupils that can be of immigrant background in the schools.

Teachers are of course one of the working classes that suffer the most from “multiculturalism” and undisciplined pupils, and thinking of that it’s the schools that should play a big role in bringing up the new hardworking and law abiding citizens, we could say that this is one of the most dire problems facing the Finnish society.

More immigrants means more chaos and violence in school, more violence and chaos in school means less learning, less leraning means worse future performance and worse performing citizens means a poorer, less competitive and more criminal Finnish society. Is this really what politicians like Astrid Thors and Stefan Wallin want?

The teachers also note that immigration is increasingly causing schools to become divided into bad and good schools, as Finnish parents take their children away from the chaotic immigrant-dense schools, and who could seriously blame them for not wanting their children to having to suffer through school with immigrant gangs and chaotic education.

For the best of your children and your society: Don’t allow your politicians to push through immigration policies that mean that more 3rd world immigrants without the will to assimilate and without an education to contribute to your society enter your country.



  1. “White Flight” begins even in beautiful, once safe Finland. Do Finnish parents deliberately put their kids in a Swedish-speaking school to keep away from the immigrants’ kids? My memories of 1980’s Finland are so sweet, that I weep to read all this here. We Californians know what Scandanavia will become; we have it here.

  2. Many people do check the status of the kindergardens and the schools before deciding where to put their children. It’s not as bad as in Sweden where even those who see themselves as tolerant and propagate for this destructive immigration put their children in safe schools with less immigrants. In fact private schools in Sweden are growing rapidly and the same will most likely take place in Finland in 20 years if it continues like this.

    Another fact is that if you were ever to tell a group of Finns that we will end up with the same ethnic struggles as California if we continue like this, almost no one would believe in what you say as most people have the idea that California is all about love and sunshine, and if there are any ethnic conlflicts then it must be the richer people or the whites who are to blame

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