Posted by: bringitup | February 21, 2011

Violent street gangs coming to Finland

So the next step in the multicultural society is about to make itself known to the Finnish citizens: Violent street gangs.

Gangs, such as Black Cobra, are well known violent immigrant gangs that have been terrorising the Danish and Swedish societies for years: Societies that made the mistake of stepping onto the path of multiculturalism and global “solidarity” by accepting immigrants that they shouldn’t have even let close to their borders. These immigrants then showed their gratitude towards the countries that accepted them by starting up new criminal organisations that rule their “conquered” areas by using extreme violence from which the Danes and Swedes then suffer.

People often mention the USA as a multicultural “success story”, but I’d choose to disagree as the much more monocultural Western European societies were spared from these extreme gangs until the decades of third world immigration.

Finland has been spared from these gangs but now the Finnish police fears that the country is just a short bitter step away from this gruesome reality as Black Cobra has stated that it will start establishing chapters in the country.

Thanks to Minister of Immigration Astrid Thors, backed up by the current government, especially pro-multiculturalist and Finnish Swedish Party leader Stefan Wallin, the country now has got the weakest immigration policies in the whole of Europe.

The second “Thank” should be extended to Minister of Justice, Tuija Brax, who has kept the country’s justice system as soft as possible, although Finland has become a country were the victims of crime aren’t guaranteed full justice and the criminal is the one who’s treated like a precious diamond that should be kept in the Finnish society at all costs.

Once again proof of how destructive weak immigration policies are for any society.


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