Posted by: bringitup | February 15, 2011

Immigration and the new more violent society

Statistics mapping the ethnicity of criminals is hard to come by as most nations and areas in Western Europe don’t record statistics like those. You do sometimes find statistics mapping the nationality of the offenders, the problem here is of course that the immigrants who have received citizenship and proceed to commit crimes will be counted as just another native, even if he (or she) isn’t a citizen in any real sense (meaning an unassimilated immigrant).

So what happens when immigrants receive citizenship too lightly?

Soft citizenship and justice policies do normally go hand in hand with soft immigration policies. And soft immigration policies means that people who shouldn’t be allowed to enter your country do so, and this does in the end mean that a country will end up with a bulk of new “citizens” who don’t tend to contribute as much to the development of the country as many other citizens, which includes the natives and the good immigrants.

The unassimilated immigrants tend to commit more crimes (which is something that many multiculturalists don’t even deny although they blame this ungrateful behaviour among the immigrants on the society that accepted them, or claim that the overrepresentation isn’t that high) and this does of course lead to a rise in the number of crimes committed overall.

This is the case in Sweden where the number of violent crimes are going up, and unfortunately at a very fast pace:

Affes statistik blog is probably one of the best places on the internet when it comes to crime statistics in Sweden, but unfortunately all the information is in swedish, but the graphs shouldn’t cause any problems to anyone.

(Just click on the links to view the graphs or pictures)

The figures are based on the first 3 quarters.

Violent crimes against people (including murder, manslaughter, assault rape, attempted violent crimes and threats etc)

Sexual offences (including rape and attempted rape)


Attempted murder or manslaughter

So do we see a pattern here? For those who claim that the cause for this rise is just peoples’ willingness to report crime we could put this one in as well:

Number of torched cars in Sweden

Does anyone believe that car owners in Sweden became, all of a sudden, more willing to report to the police that their cars have been torched?

Most people certainly understand that Sweden has become a more violent and criminal society, just like many other Western European nations that have accepted too many uneducated immigrants, or of a cultural background that doesn’t value Europeans or the European way of life very highly.

Claiming that immigration would be the reason why crime is on the rise in Sweden is of course something that isn’t acceptable in a very politically correct Swedish multicultural society, especially when the government doesn’t collect statistics on the ethnicity of the offenders. We do of course know, for example, that although people born abroad made up between 6,1 (in 2000) to 8,3 (in 2010) of Helsinki’s population, in Finland, they still committed over 40% of the rapes. We know that 100% of the reported assault rapes in Oslo, Norway were committed by non-European foreigners.

Is it likely that the situation in Sweden is any different? Is it a coincidence that Sweden’s most “multicultural” city, Malmö, has got a notoriously bad reputation in Sweden, as well as in the rest of Northern Europe?

Regardless of how littlesome people want to admit it, there are very big differences between immigrants and immigrants.

“Immigration” doesn’t mean that a society automatically will become wealthier. Depending on the immigrants it could just as well become more violent, like so many countries and people around Europe have experienced.

The multicultural bubble is hopefully bursting now, and with that the day’s of soft immigration and justice policies.


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