Posted by: bringitup | January 19, 2011

More riots in Sweden’s “Little Palestine”

The notoriously known city in Sweden, Malmö, and its heavily immigrant dominated neighbourhood of Rosengård, which also could be referred to as Sweden’s “Little Palestine”, is once again in chaos.

Immigrant youth have been setting off fireworks, homemade bombs and have been torching cars for two days in a row, and Sweden’s political elite, completely blindfolded it seems and unable to notice that this is the exact same development we’ve seen in France for years.

We could perhaps say “business as usual” as most people who aren’t suffering from the worst form of the “multiculti”-bug already know about the city.

I count 9 police cars and one firetruck in that picture, and that’s just in one traffic crossing. One wonders how much money is being spent just to maintain some sort of order, not to mention all the benefits to these glorious welfare tourists that Sweden “certainly needed to save itself from some retirement boom”.

Violent, rioting, racist, hateful and ungrateful immigrants is “exactly” what any developed nation needs to continue on the path made by previous hardworking generations.

At the end we could see this “amazing” infrastructural development that Sweden would miss out on if their politicians didn’t try to save most of the overpopulated third world by bringing them all in to Sweden:

Car torched in Sweden, by year


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