Posted by: bringitup | January 19, 2011

Liberian man who raped Finnish woman admits to all charges

A Liberian man, who had claimed refugee status in Finland, and who raped a woman at his workplace, admits to all charges.

The charges are: rape (classified as brutal), violent deprivation of liberty, attempted theft and fraud.

The rape took place in October 2010, when the 32-year-old man assaulted the female cashier in the grocery store where he was working as a janitor.

The rape was clearly planned as the man was armed with rope and a knife and he had already planned his escape from the country.

The woman was alone in the dressing room after having closed the store and this was where the man forced himself upon her. He tied her up and raped her a several times during 1,5-2 hours.

After the rape he proceeded to trying to rob the store, but was interrupted by a security guard due to the alarm going off when the man broke into the cash register.

He managed to escape from the scene and took a taxi to his apartment, but left the taxi without paying which lead to the cabdriver calling the police, helping them catch the man before he left the country.

In his apartment was a flight ticket to another country, which the man had bought earlier, which proves that he was planning to leave the country right after his crime.

The prosecutor is demanding 8-10 years imprisonment.

I certainly hope that the man gets as a hard sentence as possible and hopefully the other inmates will make his life a living hell.

Due to Finland’s ever more open immigration policies we’ll have to wonder how many more of these career criminals enter the country. We guess that this Liberian “refugee” most certainly has committed atrocities before, due to the very violent and extreme nature of this crime.

One of the biggest concerns is that Finland might have a new “professional” and extremely violent rapist at hand within the country’s borders, much like Finland’s most notorious and violent rapist, Somali-born Abdigadir Osman Hussein. (Finnish wikipedia)


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