Posted by: bringitup | January 13, 2011

Social Fraud/Disaster: 3 out of 4 Somali women in Norway are benefit recipients

The Somalis never seize to surprise you when it comes to crime, general lazyness (when it comes to honest work), inability to assimilate and of course to claim benefits.

This is now the case in Norway where 3 out of 4 Somali women are claiming welfare benefits meant for single mothers.

The Somali women say that this is because of the men not providing for their families and divorcerates therefore being high in the Somali community, but the truth is that the Somalis divorce according to Western rules, but stay married according to Somali tradition.

This way both parts of the family get to claim more benefits for themselves, for which the Norwegians now have to pay.

The Somali benefit-parasites’ disguisting  behaviour is now having consequences for the whole Norwegian benefit system as the Somalis in general don’t work and then claim massive benefits, which means two big minuses for the Norwegian society, and this is not including the crimes the somalis commit.

The Party Socialistisc Venstre (Socialist Left) has always been in favour of a strong welfare system, but the party admits now that the system is open for abuse and those parts of the system that are not working need to be changed.

My own words that I could add to this story is: Never ever pay benefits of any kind to immigrants as it will mean that there will be a massive wave of welfare immigrants, and don’t give any immigrants who are not working citizenship!


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