Posted by: bringitup | January 10, 2011

The cost of 3rd world immigration and the insane math in a small municipality in Finland

Lieksa, a small municipality in Finland with 13 000 citizens is now experiencing a wave of immigrants. A wave of 3rd world immigrants, as 130 asylum seekers have moved into the small town.

Now the municipality claims that this has lead to them earning 200 000 euros more this year.

A company that rents appartments claims that the 130 asylum seekers saved their company as the apparments stood empty.

Now the problem is that none of these immigrants work or speak finnish or have an education on a par with what’s needed to survive in Finland.

So who pays for the party?

The other Finns of course!

The current Finnish government, which is probably made up of the worst multiculturalists this country has ever seen holding office, is pulling money from other sectors (and the country’s debts are growing) and push it into the worst business ever: 3rd world immigration and multiculturalism.

Now this is starting to sound like the best form of socialist mathematics: You take 130 uneducated immigrants from anywhere and place them somewhere else, and to support this business you make cuts in other sectors and ignore sectors that always could use more money, such as infrastructure, education and healthcare. Especially better healthcare for the elderly who built up the country, and who are already suffering because of lack of funding in that sector.

Well, the social services in Lieksa do of course suffer first as they now say that the immigrants caused a rise in costs with 1,5 million euros. It seems like Lieksa’s politicians expected the social services to manage with the same sum as the year before, although the city is pulling in more immigrants.

Incomes of 200 000  euros does not cover costs of 1 500 000 euros.

Some of the politician’s in Lieksa don’t seem to be as stupid as those who have pulled of this immigration stunt: Veijo Ikonen is one of the politicians who is now demanding that all the figures are to be made public so that one could see what this really costs their small municipality.

And in the end, this will always be a cost to the Finns as they’re still going to end up pushing in money to support Lieksa’s 3rd world immigration, regardless of how much the municipality wins or loses.

That’s money away from already mentioned sectors that always could use more funding.



  1. Long live the darker races, even on the blood of the palefaces, they shall triumph!

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