Posted by: bringitup | January 8, 2011

Racism against whites, among British Asians, fuels rape

To anyone who can think, it would hardly be a surprise that hate and total disrespect can seriously lower the bar for committing violent crimes against other people, and it’s obvious to anyone who has been following up on what’s going on in the Western world, that many immigrant groups hate the natives quite a bit.

The British Asian community, in most of the cases Pakistanis, seem to be a group where this hate is ruling.

In Britain there has now been a high profile case, where a gang of Pakistanis kept a rape-ring, where young white girls aged 12-18 where sexually abused by a several men.

The BBC writes: “Liaqat and Saddique were the ringleaders of a gang which groomed and abused teenage girls, ranging in age from 12 to 18.

Many of the gang’s victims were given alcohol or drugs before being forced to have sex in cars, rented houses or hotels across the Midlands.”

In the article there’s also a Muslim man that I have to applaud for daring to speak out in a way that would make all the PC-multiculturalist move out and rally against “hate speech” if he was white:

Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Muslim youth group the Ramadhan Foundation, said the abuse was fuelled by racism in parts of the Asian community.

‘There is a perception that some of these young men do not see white girls as equal, as valuable, of high moral standing as they see their own daughters, and their own sisters, and I think that’s wrong,’ he said.

‘It’s a form of racism that’s abhorrent in a civilised society.‘ ”

So there we go, multiculturalism at its finest.

The Multiculturalists and other like-minded people, as well as many immigrants, claim that the only ones that can be racist are white people, this while we have seen crimes and abuse against white people that are at a whole new scale and forces the native Europeans out of their own homes and neighbourhoods.

It’s amazing that we accept such masses of people, who disrespect or even hate us, into our countries pushing our own culture and people aside.



  1. You think these fellows respect their sisters and daughters, or even their mothers? Think again! Rapists are by their very upbringing perverted in their views of women. As I say to any Latino teenager boy using the word, “Puta” as an insult towards girls and women, only the son of a puta would recognize a puta at that age, how else? But remember, it took a john to spawn that puta’s son, the rapist, and where’s that john?

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