Posted by: bringitup | January 1, 2011

The “French” car-torching “tradition”

France, once known as the nation of fine art, literature, philosphers, as well as great scientists and of course wine, is today better known as Europe’s worst multicultural hell-hole.

One of the new traditions the french can enjoy is, not only the racist assaults against french people, and other westerners, by France’s ethnic minoritiesm, but also the same minorities’ ability to destroy parts of the country’s infrasturucture and other people’s property.

Cars seem to be a favourite among the worthless scum to destroy.

In Paris, 1137 cars were set ablaze in 2010, which luckily was less than in 2009, when 1147 cars were burned. (Positive development)

In 2009 a total of 12 874 cars were reported to having been set ablaze and Sarkozy has promised to deal with the problems that have been growing with France’s multi-ethnic communities.

An extra 6000 police officers will now be deployed (a total of 54 000 officers) dealing with the seasonal arson, which is perhaps the only good news, if there really are any. At least it shows that the government admits that there’s a problem and try to do something about it. Too bad they’re only dealing with the consequences, or symptoms, of this problem, instead of going straight for the cancer itself which is the multicultural society that has been built up over the decades. Getting tougher on the multiethnic communities would be better, and just flush and lock up those who don’t live by basic rules of a Western society.

Getting back to the bad news is of course talking about how safe it is for a Western individual to walk in these areas and how much money is being wasted because of immigrant-youth who don’t behave.

As already meantioned, Sarkozy has of course promised to deal with these problems but they continue to grow. Not very surprising as Europe, overall, is very soft with criminals and the number of immigrants is increasing and with them the problems.

Once politicians dare to get tougher and hit down with tougher sentences, tougher immigration laws and deportations and breaking up these self-isolating communities, will we start seeing and end to this unfortunated development which continuously makes Europe a worse place for the indigenous people to live in.


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