Posted by: bringitup | December 29, 2010

Sweden’s new export: Terrorism

We can once again witness the wonders of mullticulturalism: Much like other multicultural nations in Europe, like Britain, Sweden is now increasingly becoming quite a stage for Islamic terrorism.

Sweden did earlier, this year, enjoy the first suicidebombing in its thousands of years long history, and now the target was Denmark.

5 men, 3 of them “Swedes”, have been arrested for planning to murder as many Danes as possible.

How will the mutlicultural propagandists react this time? “Not all Muslims are terrorists”? “Swedes do also murder people”? “This is the fault of the Swedish society (the Swedes)”?

Their weak excuses continue to fly for as long as their destructive system and ideology “multiculturalism”, which is bringing Europe donw on its knees, continues.

Down with multiculturalism!


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