Posted by: bringitup | December 11, 2010

Suicide Bomber in Stockholm, Sweden

The story is still developing, but at 16:50 PM a man blew himself up in central Stockholm, Sweden, on Bryggargatan. One dead is reported and a couple of people have been injured.

Aftonbladet is going as far as reporting that the man apparently had a backpack filled with nails and explosives and 6 pipebombs which he set off after having shouted in something that “sounded like arabic”.

A source says that if the man had managed to get to Drottninggatan, there would have been a massacre.

For some reason did the wiring fail and only one of the pipebombs went off.

Short Updates:

10 minutes before the bombs went off, someone sent a message talking about the Islam critical Lars Vilks’ paintings and Swedens actions in Afghanistan, saying “now should your children, your doughters and sisters die like our brothers and sisters and children die”.

A car filled with gasbottles detonated before the suspected suicide bomber. The name of the car owner is apparently Taimour Abdulwahab, born in 1981. It’s not clear yet whether he also is the suicide bomber.


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