Posted by: bringitup | December 9, 2010

Immigrants assault Finns and the media tried to distort the news

On monday could people read in the papers about how the police in Vaasa stopped a fight between two gangs, one Finnish gang and one immigrant gang.

That was what the journalists told us at first, but now as the smoke is clearing up the truth does once again start lingering in an unpleasant way around the multicultural propagandists:

What we now know that happened was that a large group of immigrants assaulted 2 people, one of them a middle-aged man who now seems to have lost his eyesight on one of his eyes.

The weapon used was probably either a knife, a glass bottle, or a stick.

Now we could only hope that this dirt gets deported as soon as possible, after having served a lengthy prison sentence and had to pay everything he owns to the victim. Well, that’s what I think would be fair, but thinking of the multicultural left-wing in power we probably won’t see any sentences that actually measure up to the crime committed.

We can once again thank the Finnish politicians for accepting worthless scum and putting it into our country, from which ordinary Finns will suffer because of the immigrants racist mentality combined with their “we’re always the victims of racism no matter what”-attitude. This despite the fact that immigrants are heavily overrepresented when it comes to violent crimes committed against other people. One could wonder whether they don’t have quite a heavy racist menatilty themselves.

Finland should stop the immigration madness and just learn from the horrific mistakes of Sweden, France, Holland, Germany and so on.

Immigrants won’t behave any better on our soil than in their own countries, and we know how far behind they are in both infrastructural as well as social development.


Olympia-korttelin kahakan taustalla oli vihanpito

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