Posted by: bringitup | November 12, 2010

Multicultural Brainwashing for Children in Finland?

As multiculturalism is evidently becoming a more and more failed project in Europe, NGOs as well as self-hating Finnish politicians do of course consider this same project a viable option for Finland too.

Now as the “less convenient” individuals and political parties are starting to gain support from Finns who are tired of growing immigrant crime and to pay for the social services of thousands of immigrants who abuse Finland’s system, the NGO’s and the traitorish politicians must of course look for new weaker and more easily abused targets for their propaganda.

And who wouldn’t be a more fitting victim than a 4-6-year-old child?

When the lies about a “successful” multicultural project in Europe are falling when people are suffering because  of this system, certain sick individuals turn to indoctrinate the youngest and weakest with a system that one day will lead to a weakened Europe, which means less space for those who are children of Europe.

How frightening isn’t it that children will be the target of political agendas?

Certain agendas that fit certain politicians and individuals in this country.

It’s frightening to say the least.

“The winners of tomorrow are the societies, which welcome the diversity of people and ideas. Fair treatment of minorities is significant for a more competitive and creative Finland. Let’s make Finland a more open and immigration friendly society!”

This is a sentence we can read from their site. What do they mean? Are France, Sweden, Holland, Germany etc, who today are spending billions on social problems and crime, going to turn the catasrophe into a victory?


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