Posted by: bringitup | October 27, 2010

An Honour Killing in Finland?

A Pakistani man, living in Finland, was today sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his ex-wife on the 14th of October, who he killed by slitting her throat.

The prosecutor was speculating whether this was the case of an honour killing, but as the Finnish law doesn’t know this newly imported, culturally enriching concept, did the man escape with “just” the shame of murdering his wife.

Now, is this a new phenomenon, which has already been taking place for quite some time in the culturally worse off Sweden?

We certainly hope not, but this is a problem that many countries in Europe live with today and Finland’s current govenrment has been making sure to put Finland on a similar path of multiculturalism as Sweden, and other nations that have already failed.

Pure insanity, but we could hope that the elections next spring will bring some fresh air to the Finnish parliament, as well as end the political work of some politicians.


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