Posted by: bringitup | October 24, 2010

“White Pixeling” – Politically Correct Crime

Swedish media has, for quite some time, employed a method of “White Pixeling” when they’ve presented foreign criminals in the media.

What this means is that when they’ve pixelated the face of a foreign criminal, they’ve also lightened the pixels, to give the impression of the criminal being white instead of for example black. The disturbing fact is that they’ve also pixelated the hands, arms and throat to make sure that the criminal’s ethnicity would, by the average Swedish newsreader, be thought of as a Swede or a Westerner.

This is potentially illegal as the media is distorting the truth, which obviously is illegal according to Swedish law.

I’ll give you the following examples of this very disturbing phenomenon:

Another one, pixelated totally white, but the criminal is the rapper David Jassy:

Another techinque employed by the media is this one:

Or this one, when the Swedish media did their everything to picture a bunch of Somali gang-rapists as Swedish, or Westerners. You see on the left the black-white picture that the media presented and then there is of course the real rapist-thug that the media tried to protect.

The most disturbing and clear evidence is that they under the black-white picture wrote “18-year-old Swede”.

Distorting the truth, the Swedish way.

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