Posted by: bringitup | October 16, 2010

Police roundup at Nightclubs in Finland

Police in Helsinki investigated yesterday night the papers of people at 4 nightclubs in Finland. The clubs where this police roundup took place were Soho, Alcatraz, Gentlemans Club and K24 Fantasy Club.

87 people of foreign background were checked and the results were chocking: A whopping 22 of those who hade their papers checked had to undergo further investigation. 18 of these were later found to have sufficient enough papers to continue living in the country. That means that over 4% of those checked didn’t have and now to the best part: All those who had their papers checked were women.

Now if there had been a police roundup at the discos and nightclubs in Helsinki, covering both sexes, the numbers would undoubtedly have been even more staggering as the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants are men, as well as other immigrants who overstay their visas.

I’m very grateful for the Finnish police’s effort, but these roundups should cover the men as well.

As over 4% of those checked were illegally residing in the country and over 25% (22 of those 87 investigated) had their papers in questionable condition, one will have to wonder how many there are out there as thousans of people cross Finland’s border each year and how many’s visas have since long gotten old, and how many should have been deported but have “disappeared”.

More of this thank you! Illegal immigration and abuse of our too open social system for immigrants should be fought hard. This is a step in the right direction and now it should, in the future, cover the men as well and these investigations should be more frequent.


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