Posted by: bringitup | October 12, 2010

Somalis, the nightmare immigrants – even in Minnesota

There has been a hype about the Somalis in Minnesota and that they would be the best assimilated Somali community in the Western world.

To tell the truth, the Somalis in Minnesota are just as horrific immigrants as they are anywhere else.


Don’t believe the hype: Somali immigration to Minnesota is a complete failure

I downloaded US Census American Community Survey 2006-2008 (before the crisis), which allows us to directly investigate Somali immigrants in Minnesota.

The average income of the working age adults in Minnesota is $38.000.

The average income of working age Somali immigrants in Minnesota is $13.800, or about one third(!). As a comparison, one third of the average American income is Mexico.

More than half of Somali immigrants in Minnesota are below the poverty line.

Only one half of Somali immigrants in Minnesota work.

Those who work earn $21.000 per year, compared to $46.000 for Minnesotans on average.

The median income of Somalis that work is $12000 per year, or about 9000 Swedish kronor per month (using 9 kronor to a dollar as a PPP-adjusted conversion rate).

The conclusion that this data tells us is that Somali immigration to Minnesota has been a complete disaster from the perspective of Minnesota.

A group that earn one third of average income cannot possibly be a net contributor to the public sector (in the U.S those with low income pay virtually no taxes, yet consume public services).

A group that earns one third of average income and where half live in poverty is not a success story for other countries to be inspired by.

One of the last groups your country ever should accept are Somalis – that is if you want your country to be a fully functioning, successful nation in the future as well.

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