Posted by: bringitup | October 5, 2010

Norway saves 2,5 billion kronors thanks to stricter immigration policies

The stricter immigration policies means that the government will save 2.5 billion kronors (311 million euros) in the government budget next year.

Stricter immigration policies have led to a sharp decrease in the number of asylum seekers to Norway. Now the government has made an estimate of the current development and its impact on the govenrment budget.

– We expect a decline from more than 18,000 to 10,000 asylum seekers this and next year. It provides increased financial flexibility, says Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

In Dikemark transit center is it noticeable that fewer people come to Norway.

– We have seen that in some months there are fewer people here than usual, said the reception chief Tove Gilje and continues:

– We have an agreement about 100 people from the Asker municipality and for some months now there has been 70-90 people.

Saves 2, 5 billion kronors

According to figures the fewer asylum arrivals means that the government saves in two and a half billion Norwegian kronors in the government budget for the next year.

– “It pays to have a strict in immigration policy?”

– “What is right is to be consistent and fair. It is the government’s policy, “said Stoltenberg.

The 2.5 billion kronors is more than what the state collects in customs revenues this year. But where billions will be distributed next year will we find out on Tuesday.

– They will end up in the large state funds and will give us more money for schools, roads and healthcare”, Stoltenberg told TV 2

It’s in other words evident, for anyone who can think logically, that taking in welfare immigrants who will never contribute to your society means that money is being lost from other sectors, such as school, healthcare and infrastructure.
If the government estimates that about 8000 welfare immigrants less save the country 311 000 000 euros annually, then the cost per immigrant per year would be about 38 875 euros, which certainly is more than one Norwegian pays in taxes annually. 18 000 of these immigrants do in this case cost 700 000 000 euros – and that’s just the annual cost of one yeargroup.
Then this sum builds up from year to year: The more welfare immigrants come, the more Norwegian taxpayers will be added to those who pay for this madness.


  1. that is so racist and greedy..ppl flee warzones..jews did that..even the Norwegians fleed to states…and they were questions asked about governement budget..
    I hate Norway for that,sorry

  2. This is very good news.
    These so called refugees are literally destroying the nations they enter. Norway, and expecially Oslo, has seen a brutal rise in violent crimes committed by third world immigrants.
    The immigrants themelves are undoubtedly more racist against Norwegians, and take everything for granted while disrespecting Norwegians and their Western values.

    Norway has no global responsibility to accept that people enter their nation just to get a better life without contributing even one bit, even if some multiculturalists, leftists and immigrants might claim that they do.

    We hope that more nations would take even tougher steps against immigration that doesn’t involve educated immigrants.

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