Posted by: bringitup | October 3, 2010

The Racism at the Techno Parade in Paris and the Media Silence

The media in Europe has been completely quiet about the racist attacks during the Techno Parade in Paris, France, both this year as well as in 2009.

Some of the more ignorant may claim that there was really nothing to report about but that’s a lie: The media has been reporting about the workers protests in France and the violence, although no one has been injured, but this case where dozens of white people are attacked by racist blacks isn’t reported anywhere but by organizations worried about this development.

This wasn’t even mentioned a single time, anywhere in the media, although they sure report about single racist attacks against non-whites.

Imagine what would have been the media response if it would have been the other way round; white people attacking and injuring dozens of blacks. The media would have turned into a feast for all politicians who critizise the current wave of immigration-critical politicians rising to power.

People wonder why these politicians gain power, but it’s evident that the new votes for these politicians come from the young who are much more familiar with the brutal and racist behaviour of people of immigrant background. These young are also, by far, more at home on the internet, than other generations, and know when and where to find details and news, not reported by the media.

These racist gangs keep growing and it seems like the media won’t touch this elephant unless white people start defending themselves, which probably will lead to reports about “racist whites”.

We should be grateful for the internet – at least a few can find out about the truth that the media doesn’t report about.

Had the internet existed back in the 1950’s, then France’s politicians wouldn’t have been able to turn France into this chaotic place of terror where there is less and less place for the native French.

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