Posted by: bringitup | September 30, 2010

Some Words about The Anti-White Racism at the Techno Parade back in 2009

On Saturday, September the 25, one could see from amateur footage the disguisting anti-White racism by gangs of African background.

I post a text from the same source as yesterday to give a picture of the horrors that took place already last year.

(Anti-white racism at the Techno Parade in 2010)

Source: text translated in Google:

PARIS (NOVOPRESS) – The Techno Parade in Paris September 19, 2009 was titled “Paris City Mix” (photo) advocacy of “mixing”. This “diversity” has resulted in the arrival celebration of 400 “young” from diversity, “which attacked the participants came against a backdrop of anti-white racism. So much so that the parade had to be stopped almost two hours before the end. A festival that brought together 400 000 participants from the organizers (100 miles from the Prefecture), this is not nothing in this heart of Paris should be visible.

Well, no, these events have been invisible to the mainstream media who have observed the silence. Le Monde woke up six days later with an article in which he states that “amateur videos” showing attacks have been “exploited by far-right sites (which could be translated as” resistant “to the thought police). We could not hide anymore! Since we could no longer hide, Le Monde, going so far as to write that you see on these videos “many young blacks!

These events had actually been contained quickly, by our colleague Fdesouche by the Apache Project and Novopress. Will this mean the world to think that to be well informed should read these publications on the Internet?

A history of the media silence was published yesterday by The Post on the Internet.
This is yet another omerta on the anti-white racism reminiscent including that of the aggression of Noctilien with cries of “dirty French shit.”

To further break this code of silence in the Apache Project is a call for witnesses who brought him before yesterday’s testimony audio Novopress reproduced below.

Watch the videos from 2009 through these links:

Video 1

Video 2

We can see that it’s very familiar to what we saw this year – and the media in silent

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