Posted by: bringitup | September 29, 2010

Ethnic violence at Techno Parade in Paris, France

News that the European media “failed” to report about.

Google translation:

Techno Parade 2010, the nightmare continues – published Sept 28th 2010 (see source below)

Techno Parade has become a major media event in a few years, exacerbated by multinational companies who see a new advertising field significant.
After the carnage of last year [Editor’s note: see the links below the video], where hundreds of “young” straight down from the cities had led to riots and racial attacks against anyone who had a face too “white”, the organizers of the 2010 Technoparade wanted to mark the occasion this year. By a kind of masochism inexplicable, they called the parade this year “Living Together”, the new call blending, globalization, and “the love between people.” Mal took them.

It will one day understand that these values are definitely not shared by all. Once again, hundreds of thugs came to “break the white,” “being a French” and “fuck the police”. Violent clashes were noted including Place de la Bastille.

Techno-Parade 2010   (September 25th)

Thus, gang attacks and violence against the police could be observed. Several people were injured among techno fans came just to party.
Already last year, young Parisian Identity Project Apache had sounded the alarm over anti-white violence. But it seems that the authorities, the City of Paris in the lead, not merely to see the truth. So once again we condemn these clashes and call anyone to testify abused by contacting us by email or telephone.


For some reason do Europe’s politicians want to see a future like this all over Europe.


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