Posted by: bringitup | September 22, 2010

Islamist enters the Swedish parliament

This man, Abdirizak Waberi, from Somalia, is an Islamist who now enters the Swedish parliament.

He’s a member of the liberal “Moderaterna”, the main party in the rightwing coalition (!), and has among other things defended the idea that a man can beat his wife.

One of the issues he wants to handle is how Sweden could better adapt to Islam!

And then the Swedish media is complaining about some Sweden Democrats that want to defend western values, while this individual gets elected?

Sweden is sinking fast and the Swedes themselves are too naive and blind to notice this, mostly because of the media. Unless the Sweden Democrats can gain a stronger result in the next election I’ve got very little hope for the country.

The country is in a worse state than I expected.


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