Posted by: bringitup | September 20, 2010

Sweden’s government negotiations will certainly be something to follow

Before yesterday’s elections did each of the 7 main parties hope that whatever happended the Sweden Democrats wouldn’t stand a chance of getting into the parliamnet – and then some Swedish voters refused to believe in the intimidation campaign aimed at the SD which resulted in the party gaining 5,7% of the votes.

Now the negotiations will start and it will be pure chaos because of the very simple reason that all the 7 main parties have claimed that no matter what will they not work with the SD.

Well, the rightwing coalition consisting of the Moderates, the Liberal People’s Party, the Centre Party and the Christsian Democrats received 172 seats, the leftwing coalition consisting of the Social Demoratic Party, the Green Party and the Left Party received 157 seats and the Sweden Democrats 20, out of 349 seats in the parliament.

The rightwing block won but don’t have an own majority, for which they would have needed 175 seats, so now there’s some political power up for grabs.

The rightwing coalition will by no means collaborate with the Left Party or the Social Democrats – one being too far-left while the other one would demand too much power. So there’s the Green Party left, which seems like the most likely partner for the rightwing coalition.

The problem is how cheaply will the Green Party sell themselves? They have already claimed that they won’t work with the rightwing coalition – the reason is simple: They would lack power and would most likely stand to lose more power than they will gain. And if they on the other hand were rewarded with more power, then there would be rebellion within the rightwing coalition.

Would the rightwing coalition agree on a wider government including figures from the Social Democrats? Unlikely.

So we stand there with the Sweden Democrats – one problem for them would be if a couple of their parliamentarians would swear allegiance to the rightwing coalition, but I hope that those who are candidates for the SD are loyal to their party and to the cause for Sweden and wouldn’t fall for cheap power.

This is the chaos that Sweden’s primeminister Reinfeldt predicted if the SD were to gain power in the parliament, but they’ve got themselves to blame: Had they not continued with the completely uncontrolled immigration policies, then people wouldn’t have voted for the Sweden Democrats.

Politicians are the worst people at accepting responsibility for their actions. They did themsleves lay the groundwork for this result and now they will have to live with it. And now the option is to collaborate with the SD, which certainly could support a rightwing minority government in exchange for some influence.

The Sweden Democrates main 3 points aren’t in any way very problematic:

  • Reduce the number of uneducated third world immigrants coming to Sweden
  • Take better care of the elderly
  • Tougher measures against crime and longer sentences

Of course, for liberal Sweden this is borderline fascism, but without the smearing campaign and the excessive use of the word “racists” I would imagine that quite a few Swedes would agree on these points. The problem is the stigma that comes with symphatizing with the SD.

Reinfeldt and his rightwing coalition could try to move forward with a minority government, without the support of any opposition parties, which I find to be the most likely solution, where they’ll have to move around carefully not to get voted down by the majority opposition that the leftwing coalition and the SD would form. Certainly not Reinfeldt’s dream, as he was hoping for a majority rightwing government but if they play it well, the leftwing coalition and the SD might never reach any agreements.

I will not, however, rule the SD out yet – this is a party that could prove to be tempting, for “Reinfeldt and friends”, if nothing works out with the Greens.

So now I’ll just lean back and enjoy the show – it will certainly be interesting.

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