Posted by: bringitup | September 19, 2010

Congratulations to the Sweden Democrats!

As I’m following the elections the SD has received 5,7% of the votes, perhaps a small disappointent as I had hoped for 6,5-7,5%, but this is in the end excellent news.

This opens for a whole new Swedish immigration policy – the SD won’t turn everything around with this, but they will become more visible.

Now: Congratulations to everyone in Sweden who, like me, can enjoy the faces of the SD’s opposition.

Well done my friends!


  1. This is excellent news indeed! Given that the Sweden Democrats have achieved this breakthrough in the face of intense intimidation, negative campaigning and restrictions on their recent activity, I hope that this is just the beginning for a re-ordering of Swedish politics which will see an eventual end to multiculturalism and Islamisation.

  2. That’s something that amazes me: The party has faced an absolutely uncomparable and dirty campaign; the dirtiest in modern Northern European political history, and still managed to end up like a winner.

    I’m very happy about this, and I hope that they manage to play the game well and grow – just like similar parties in Denmark and Finland.

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