Posted by: bringitup | September 16, 2010

Sweden – the country where you should feel sorry for the criminal and not care about the victim

This is from yesterday’s news in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet:

Debt Trap affects young after crime

Published: 15 September 2010, 16:27. Last modified: 15 September 2010, 16:43

More and more young people at risk of falling into a debt trap for life.

Ahmed, 21, has over a million kronors (140 000 $)  in debt after an assault sentence.

– Wherever I go, right, left, straight ahead then it stops, “he said.

A total of more than 1000 children and young people under 18 are registered with the steward as a result of unpaid or late paid compensation liabilities.

Four persons under the age of 25  have more than one million in debts. For one person, the amount is over 10 million.

There are a several recent court cases where young people at risk of being sentenced to pay large sums to pay for damages caused by school arsons.

– Young people are sacrificed. They do not understand the seriousness of their crimes, “said Claes Hjalmarsson, a lawyer representing several insurance companies.

Ahmed, who is actually called something else, has been in jail for the past six years for various crimes. The most serious, aggravated assault, giving him up to one million to pay in damages.

He regrets what he did, has served his sentence, but has many years left in the debt trap. A situation that completely controls his life.

– This affects me like hell. It is impossible for me to own anything and I can not work without money taken away from me, “he says.

Well, this is the Swedish society of today: You look at the criminal and feel sorry for him, but there is no mention of his victims.

Because of the large sum I’d even assume that his victims has ended up with injuries that will affect him the rest of his life, or that the assault was very violent and sadistic, but apparently does the journalist who has written this article, the lawyer and “Ahmed” himself think that this is way too much and that “Ahmed” is actually a victim of the Swedish justice system. The sum should in other words be smaller or the Swedish taxpayers should pay for “Ahmed’s” criminal career.

Seriously, articles like these make me sick.


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