Posted by: bringitup | September 14, 2010

The chaos that multiculturalism creates

These are videos that are filmed in the infamous Rosengård in Malmö, Sweden. A city which is well known for its problems with immigrant youth rioting and committing other violent crimes; a problem created by Sweden’s liberal immigration policies and the complete lack of demand that the immigrants assimilate and become part of the Swedish society.

Violent crimes have increased massively in Sweden over the last decade and despite this the Swedish political elite does nothing.

This is a video from a newsreport from Malmö where the firemen are threattening to go on sick-leave in protest against the arson and the “youth” that throw stones at them when they arrive. The police is nowadays protecting the firemen in some areas and go in to secure the area before the firemen move in – it has been decided that smaller arson will be left to burn out as it’s too costly and dangerous for them to go in under “current circumstances” and do their job.

Why no politician of the elite is actually talking about this problem and rather focus on the Sweden Democrats who want to take actions against this is beyond me.

The number of cars burnt in Sweden 1996-2008, from Affes Statistik (an excellent blog if you read swedish)

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