Posted by: bringitup | September 14, 2010

How Pim Fortuyn was murdered and how it has got everything to do with the political climate in Sweden today

I have very often mentioned Pim Fortuyn in my posts and I will continue doing so in the future as well.

I’m doing this much because we have learnt nothing from what took place: A man dared critizise the immigration policies of the Dutch government, was demonized and subsequently killed.

I did myself, at that time, believe that Fortuyn was some sort of new Nazi because of the simple reason that I just listened to what the media and Fortuyn’s opposition had to say, but I never read or listened to what the man himself had to say, and before I understood how right he was, and how precious he was to Europe, he was murdered.

He was a man who stood up for Holland, and even Europe, and the values and culture that make us this great continent.

Now we see exactly the same situation growing in Sweden: Daniel von Arnold Antoni has been attacked twice over the last months, just because he and his party have dared critizise Sweden’s immigration and multicultural policies.

And the demonization of the Sweden Democrats has continued, and I dare say that there are quite a few journalists and even politicians, who in their mind play with the idea of some Sweden Democrats getting murdered.

This is a heavy accusation but the fact is that they haven’ t condemned these attacks, rather have they been justifying it. Sweden’s prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt even stated that those who hold such values as the Sweden Democrats shouldn’t be surprised if attacks like these take place!

So the demonization and justifications for the violence continue.

It’s surprising that all we hear about is how those who dare critizise current immigration policies are the ones who will induce violence into our society, although no media really seems to focus on the fact that it’s actually those who call for multiculturalism who have been the masters of political violence in Europe.

Pim Fortuyn and van Gogh have been murdered and in Sweden do the attacks continue.

I therefore leave this post with an interview with Pim Fortuyn and how he critizised those the Dutch government for participating in the demonization-campaign against him, which later led to him being murdered, just like he predicted that it could.

May he rest in peace.


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