Posted by: bringitup | September 13, 2010

Multicultural insanity in Finland: The AFRO-project

The AFRO-project is something that shows how far multiculturalism can be pulled under the citizens’ noses without them knowing it, although they are the ones paying for the insanity itself plus the consequences.

If you speak Finnish you can read about the project here.

For you that don’t, then the main points of the project are coming here:

-The AFRO-project is meant to get people of third world background (despite the name, not just Africans) into influential positions in public administration. In other words to increase the number of  some immigrant groups in public administration.

-This should be forced through with the help of positive discrimination

Said Aden, the former spokesperson of the Somali community is pulling this project

-It’s financed by the Finnish Interior Ministry, in other words by the Finnish citizens who certainly don’t stand to gain from such insanities.

-Except for the Interior Ministry, Eva Biaudet who is a politician and the representative for minority rights in Finland has been involved in this project, so this is certainly as high up in the books as it can get and very few Finns still know about it.

So the problems from my perspective:

1. Why is a project needed to give these people influential positions within public administration if they aren’t qualified to compete with other people for those positions?

2. More multiculturalism in public administration?

3. How will this project play out? Said Aden is a former spokesperson for the Somali community and did certainly know about, and was possibly involved, in the massive campaign that the Somali community pulled through earlier this year, trying to get as many Somalis into Finland as possible. So he is certainly not loyal towards Finland and for him this is just one more step to gain more power for the Somali community without actually deserving it.

If you’re a Finn then spread the word – this is your money being spent for something that will hurt you in the future. (if you’ve got Finnish friends, tell them about it)

I do also recommend this blog about this issue (in Finnish)

(other) Sources:

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