Posted by: bringitup | September 12, 2010

How much does welfare immigration to Finland cost?

This is a question that many Finns have been asking: “How much does the welfare immigration cost for the Finnish taxpayers?”

Astrid Thors, Finland’s immigration minister has been reluctant to answer. Her own estimate, in February 2010, was 110 million euros, but the journalists interviewing her put the sum at atleast 500 million Euros.

Today YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, stated in a newsreport that municipalities, that have accpted these refugees better known as welfare immigrants, demand that the Finnish government would raise the compensations paid to them for accepting these immigrants, with at least 40-50% to better correspond to the compensations paid back in 1993. The sum paid now is 2100 euros a month.

This is in itself interesting, as a several politicians, inculding Thors, have claimed that accepting immigrants would mean vast financial benefits for the municipalities, in terms of new hardworking citizens. As we can see now, this is clearly not the case. The same money paid by the taxpayers in these municipalities come back to support an unsustainable immigration policy.

Raising the sum with at least 40-50% would mean that a better corresponding compensation would be 3000 euros per immigrant per month. At least. That sum is just to correspond with the ’93 level. That’s 36 000 euros a year.

The average sum paid in taxes, in 2007, by the Finnish taxpayers was 818 euros per month, which means that you need at least 3,6 Finnish taxpayers to support one welfare immigrant, if the sum actually covered all those basic social costs. And this is not taking into account other social and cultural problems that arise because of this immigration.

As the number of these immigrants grow, so does the number of Finns whose taxes go to financing this madness. A several thousand of these immigrants arrive each year, which means that a several thousand Finns are added to the poor taxpayers who are fooled by the system.

Is there anyone who believes that a third world immigrant who has had to receive this support will ever be able to pay it back and become a net income for Finland, or for any other European nation for that matter? And as has been proven in other places in Europe; the children of these immigrants don’t tend to do any better, in many cases worse, creating new obstacles and potholes to pour the taxpayers’ money into.

It’s probably safe to say that wherever you live in Europe, this immigration is hardly any cheaper.

So stop this immigration and use the assets in a better way.


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