Posted by: bringitup | September 12, 2010

Election day in Sweden – how little will SD’s opposition play by the rules?

On the 19th of September will millions of Swedish voters vote for the people they want to lead their country.

The problem is that Sweden has a system with separate ballot papers for each party which has already proven to be a problem as voting irregularities against the Sweden Democrats have already taken place.

People arriving to vote in advance have had to realize that ballots for the Sweden Democrats have been hidden. If this continues then it will prove to be a massive obstacle to the Sweden Democrats’ possibilities to get into parliament despite all polls showing that the party is above the 4% election barrier.

With millions of people rushing to vote on the 19th of September, hiding the ballots for the Sweden Democrats would mean that people would, in front of all other people at the voting place, have to ask for the ballots which for many people is easier said than done as supporting the Sweden Democrats carries a massive stigma.

I woulod therefore recommend that those who are going to vote for th Sweden Democrats go with a group of friends, if possible, so that the barrier to demand justice would be lower – remember: irregularities and outright cheating has already taken place so it’s very naive to think that this wouldn’t take place on electionday.

The other chance to cheat is when the votes are counted, but anyone is allowed to attend so I’d recommend that SD symphatizers would be present at all places where votes are counted.


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