Posted by: bringitup | September 11, 2010

Young Sweden Democrat tortured in his home in Malmö

The 24-year-old Sweden Democrat, David von Arnold Antoni, was tortured in his home yesterday night by 2 men speaking an Arabic-sounding language. The men cut him with a knife and did also cut a swastika into his forehead.

This reminds me much of the case with Pim Fortuyn and how the media and other politicians painted a picture of him as some sort of Nazi which subsequently led to him being murdered.

This wan’t the first attack against David. He was attacked in the evening the 16th of March 2010 by an unidentified knife-man who attempted to murder him.

One could ask oneself what the media’s and the opposition’s reactions would have been if these attacks would have taken place against a non-Sweden Democrat politician. It would undoubtedly have sparked a massive media campaign to catch those evil villain, but in this case the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet attempted to use this attack to prove the Sweden Demorat’s nazi connections.

It’s a sick and undemocratic world we’re starting to live in. Those who dare to criticize the current immigration policies are made legal targets by the media and the political elite.

Change is needed in Sweden and we could only hope that the Sweden Democrats will get into parliament after these upcoming elections and start a wave of change in the Swedish society.

Sweden is sinking fast and right now the only answer I see that possibly could open the eyes of the, by the media and other politicians, blindfolded citizens of Sweden are the Sweden Democrats.


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